Monday, January 23, 2017

Science Student of the Month

My wife just finished this narrative for an 8th Grade Hispanic student. This is the real America.

[I have edited only to remove the names for obvious privacy concerns.]

Student of the Month Recognition Letter 
Dear X_____,

I am pleased to nominate you as a Mueller Park Junior High School student of the month for the month of JANUARY, 2017. I have enjoyed having you in 8th Science this year. As I considered all the amazing students I have, your name surfaced as the one I should select. You are a wonderful student with a cheerful smile and a positive attitude. You work hard to complete assignments. One quality you have that stands out the most is your kind and generous disposition. Let me briefly explain what I admire.

 To begin, I love that you come to class every day with a smile. You greet others, visit and socialize, but when the bell rings you are ready to focus on science. I appreciate that you take responsibility for your learning by asking questions, doing the labs, finishing the work and turning it in! As simple as these habits may seem, they are the key to continued success, not only at school, but in many areas of your life.

I am grateful for happy students who have fun doing science. You engage in lab activities with interest and a desire to understand what you are learning. You are courteous and helpful to the students you work with. You take care of what needs to be done- from gathering supplies to cleaning up. You don’t complain!

I especially appreciate what you have done this past semester in befriending and translating for Y_____. Thank you for your willingness to give a lot of your time and share your language and science understanding with Y_____ without any thought for payment or “extra credit!” Your kindness is one of your star qualities. You are a wonderful friend!

I want you to understand how grateful I am to you for this service. I needed a way to communicate with Y_____ and she needed a way to understand what was going on in our science class. You created an easy communication path for both me and Y____. It may not have seemed like much to you, but it has been a huge gift to us.

It is truly a pleasure to have you in my science class. I am happy to be your teacher and proud to nominate you as a student of the month at Mueller Park Junior High School.

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