Sunday, December 18, 2016

Universal Salvation by Christ's Grace After All We Can Do Together

LDS Temple Baptistry with Window "into the World of Light"
My eyes are opening to a new concept of religious faith that is wonderful!

I'm no theologian and certainly no official spokesman for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, my deep dives into family history work and temple ordinances and sealings for those beyond the grave who have gone into the world of light are opening my eyes to that light.

It is a unique form of Universalism that the Prophet Joseph Smith preached for it required hard work on our part, not for our own salvation so much as for the benefit of others and all of humanity as a family.

We have a scriptural and prophetic admonish to preach the Gospel of Faith in Christ, Repentance, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and persevering until the end. Still, that it not all. We undertake sacred covenants in the temple to prepare to enter God's presence sealed up in family groups and we offer that to all under basic requirements to meet standards of godly worthiness. And here's the kicker--it is performed by proxy on behalf of the dead who had no opportunity or could not meet those standards in this life. It's universal!

It's universal, but only by the Grace of God and the efforts of those of us here living on the earth to exercise the utmost faith, along with priesthood keys for both men and women, to seek out the living and the dead and perform those basic ordinances for them in the House of the Lord, His Temples! For we without them and they without us cannot be made perfect. Read Doctrine and Covenants Section 128 a few times.

Friday evening was another spiritual wonder of temple service. My last veil was on a corner with no one next to me and no one behind me. Except I felt so strongly that there were multitudes behind me. I was forward serving at the veil to bring living people serving on behalf of the dead into that concourse of multitudes behind me. When we serve were are as saviors on Mount Zion doing the work that the Lord of Hosts is constantly doing and we get to share in a portion of that. It is that very portion that unites us with Him and our heavenly parents, male and female, the ultimate Father and Mother of our spirits as well as our physical, earthly family members as we all unite in celestial realms.

I desire no individually abstract nirvana into nothingness. I desire no harp in angelic choirs. I desire no eternal rest in a departure from physical and spiritual life into non-existence. I desire my God and my Family -- His Family of all humankind.

Spare me the programs of church that do not serve the physical or spiritual needs of others. I have no need of entertainment for entertainment's sake. Spare me the sporting activities and roadshows. They have their purpose for some, I suppose, who need that form of socialization. I desire no socialization beyond loving times with family, teaching others to experience family history research, and being in the temple especially with the youth and elderly of the church who seem more closely aligned with the eternal worlds on either end of our existence.

Doorknobs of the Salt Lake Temple. "Holiness to the Lord" indeed, as we are as busy as bees in unity.

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