Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Second Amendment says "WELL REGULATED," You D*** Fools!

This morning my eldest daughter, a school teacher, called me in obvious distress asking if I had heard the news. She asked me to check if her mom, also a school teacher, was OK because she was afraid to do so. So I quickly checked:


Police responded to Mueller Park Junior High School Thursday morning on reports…

So many times I have dropped off or picked up [my wife] at those first steps. So grateful the snow is not stained red by the blood of the innocent children and teachers. The Constitution stands for Well Regulated gun rights. Not to take them away, but to well-regulate them at minimum, best in a militia. That is the Constitution I stand for. Not the wacky interpretations that result in slaughtered children and every gun nut for him or herself.

Give [your wife] an extra hug please. You all are in my thoughts today.

CM: Are you referring to the interpretation that the right to bear arms is to protect people from the federal government through the use of force?

From: Davis School District
Sent: Thursday, December 1, 2016 8:57 AM
To: [   ] Vaughn
Subject: School in lockdown
Hello parents,
This is an alert from the Davis School District.
Mueller Park Junior High School is in a lockdown following reports of a student with a gun. The suspect has been detained. Reports indicate one shot was fired into the air. No one was injured. The school will remain in lockdown until law enforcement has cleared the school. For more information check back on Facebook, Twitter and the school's website. Information will be posted as it becomes available.
This, people, is sick. Well-regulate your d*** guns like the Constitution says!

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RS: So frustrating and scary. I thought the law already forbids guns on school grounds in Utah, though?

Grant L. Vaughn That point is so far off the mark! (excuse the analogy) It's not the laws or any specific law that will "solve" all these problems. It's the complete abdication of the Constitutional concept of "well-regulated" and the promotion of unrestricted gun rights as tools for problem solving above all else that has destructive impact on our society and our children - literally speaking and no analogy intended. We need to respect the "well-regulated" words of the U.S. Constitution and keep up with reasonable gun control laws to prevent this. Yes, guns are illegal on school property which fortunately gives prosecutors something to charge here. Where are the regulations that parents must keep guns safely stored and away from children? Thank heavens the parents knew the kid was troubled and guns were missing that they could disarm him before worse occurred.

RS: I don't own guns, don't care for them, and have no desire to own a gun. I am pretty much a pacifist. I abhor violence. I believe Jesus' teachings promote peace not violence, and that I as an individual have the responsibility to follow and promote such teachings. So, now that that's out of the way...

You state that "well-regulated" refers to laws. We have laws in Utah against the very thing that happened today. Additionally, a minor must be under the supervision of an adult to carry a gun. Obviously, gun laws could go much further. So if the law had required that the guns be locked up would that have made sure the guns were locked up? Nope. No more than the two layers of gun laws already failed the students and faculty of Mueller Park Jr High. 

Ultimately, I agree with you: we must as a people move away from the idea that "unrestricted gun rights [are] tools for problem solving above all else that has destructive impact on our society and our children." We need a society that does not look to violence to solve problems. This is a change of heart, ultimately, not a system of laws. I fear we as a people will never embrace a non-violent approach to problem solving so long as we have a government that employs violence as a means of problem solving here and abroad.

Grant L. Vaughn But if you have laws that express the disapproval rather than the promotion of gun violence, society progresses, i.e., Australia\

RS: Cops in Britain go unarmed. They are a much more polite society with this example.

Grant L. Vaughn yes. agreed. and much less gun violence over all.

    RS: We need leaders who lead by example and don't glorify gun violence. We need to stop the glorification of war.

And this from my son, also a school teacher in a different state:

     My Mom teaches here. She is okay and nobody is hurt. I don't like to talk about things like this normally, and I usually try to avoid posting on facebook about it, but this hits far too close for home for me to stay quiet.
     I'm just angry. Angry at the student who brought a gun to school. Angry at the parents of the student who didn't keep that gun safe, and allowed them to have such easy access to it. Angry at those who would accuse this student of being mentally ill (they may be, but that's not the point). Angry that gun lobbyists and 'gun nuts' will look at this and turn a blind eye, and say 'nobody was hurt though'. Angry that nothing is being done to prevent things like this from happening daily around the country.
     I'm not a big fan of guns. I've gone shooting before and had a good time in a controlled, safe environment. I respect those that take the time to care for their firearms and only use them in a safe and appropriate manner. I appreciate my friends who are gun owners and condemn those that allow their weapons to be accessed to those that shouldn't have them in the first place. I don't think someone owning a gun is a reason in and of itself to not like someone or to not associate with them.
     I do have a problem though with the way these incidents are treated in the US. Did you know that there have been 206 reported instances of shootings in schools since 2013? That's an average of 1.3 shootings per week. If you take into account that school is only in session an average of 9 months out of the year, that's almost 2 shootings per week. And that doesn't even scratch the surface-that's just schools. Our statistics for gun violence are absurd, especially compared to those of other modern countries.
     The second amendment is ridiculous. Yes, you have the right to bear arms, but the words 'well regulated' are in there as well. Calling for stricter gun regulations is not unreasonable. Background checks are not unreasonable. Wanting to prevent tragedy is not unreasonable. And to those of you who just love to say 'but if someone wants to get a gun, they will', yeah, but if we can make it a much more difficult for these sick people who want to inflict harm on others to get a gun, wouldn't you want to do that? And to those of you who say 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people', Yes, but guns sure do make that a hell of a lot easier and faster than say a knife or bat.
     This has never been okay, and never will be. And now it's personal.

Police responded to Mueller Park Junior High School Thursday morning on reports…

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