Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Donny Trump - Big Popular Vote LOSER!

Donnie asked us not to use any unflattering photos (heh, heh)
You can go and check the facts on the 2 million plus popular vote loss. He should have hosted "The Biggest Loser" rather than "The Apprentice."  Not that it matters much in this evil time when truth is a short commodity as marketing lies are bought and sold to make the rich and powerful more so.

There was this great analysis of the recent election and the PEOTUS that when I find again I will link in here. It's not the only one, however, as many have noted the authoritarian strain of Trumpism. But the essence was that America is divided into two "families." One is the authoritarian that appeals to bullies, fundamentalists, the Donny, and a lot of blue-collar males (some women, too). The other is the collaborative that believes that its members are all in this together and can work out their differences through the power of their diversity. Guess which family or America I want to belong to?

The article went on that the way to defeat trumpism psychologically is to point out any weakness. Don't emphasize the bullying, that only makes him look stronger to those types. It said that many of Hillary's political ads pointing out what an outrageous lout he is only strengthened his authoritarian cred among his supporters! (You see why I really need to find and cite that article. If any one can help me here, please do so).

My tone is rather negative here and I will attempt in the future to promote the ennobling power of our E Pluribus Unum American family over the one in which the loser dad slaps his kids into line. But I'm still a bit angry. And if attacks on Trump are warranted, and they are, the best are those that show him as a loser rather than anything resembling power and prestige no matter how ugly.

To be continued . . . .

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