Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Live-Blogging Election Returns 2016

Why the heck not? We'll see how long I can keep this up. I'm home from work, unHatched. I started off on twitter but let's switch it back here.

  1. Anderson Cooper needs to stop playing with his maps. Blitzer even more boring. I'm sticking with MSNBC (until the Dems shake up FOX)
  2. Georgia is in play
  3. Home from work and unHatched. Go, Dems!

I can only watch so many channels at a time. Sheesh, Wolf, scare us to death with 2% of Florida!

Chris Matthews was talking to Giuliani which made me want to throw up a little in my throat.

These early vote totals don't mean much because it's the small, rural counties that report in the quickest and they are more likely conservative Republican.

Reports are that Hispanic turnout has been high. African-American and Asian too (which has now become a Democratic preference)

Hillary significant lead in Florida with 30% in. Running up Obama leads according to Anderson's magic maps.

Anderson just made my point about small population counties.

Record turnout in early voting in NC.

West Virginia goes to Trump. So far Hillary only has Vermont. Everything too early or too close to call. Trump wins Indiana and Kentucky as expected.

There are great aids at Princeton Election Consortium "Geek's Guide to the Election."

MSNBC analysis says Hillary doing better in NC than Obama in 2012.

Active shooter incident at So. Cal. polling place. America, when are your going to grow up on common sense gun regulation? We remain barbarians. Shooting people at a polling place is a Civil Rights violation.

Too bad Marco is going back to the Senate.

Wolf says Trump now ahead in Florida with 55% of vote in. That's not good. Nope. Switched to Hillary with 70% in.

Hillary ahead in both Florida and NC. If those are wins, this will be her good night. She is mostly outperforming Obama 2012.

Well, that's a bit different

Hillary wins Ill., Mass., NJ, DC, RI, Del., MD.
Trump wins OK, Tenn, and Mississippi     - all of these expected.

Some Alt-right frog people are not too bright according to this report:

Had to go pick up my wife and we stopped by Papa Murphy where one of her former students work so we get extra discount and it's $10 Tues. anyway.

I am horrified that we are putting this man this close to the presidency. What does it say about us?

Florida is way too tight. Please don't do this to us again!
The Atlantic Retweeted

Matt Vasilogambros ‏@MattVas 12m12 minutes ago
Police: Shooting near California polling station has NO connection to the election

This is all too close. This is a disgrace.

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  1. Well, at least you got the pizza discount. Talk to you after the apocalypse.


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