Thursday, June 4, 2015

White Bread!? My DNA Results

This is going to take some time to analyze and sink in. I also have to check out all the Ancestry leaf links to see if I can answer the Vaughan paternity questions with distant cousins. But it's a bit depressing to find I'm 100% European with no interesting ethnicity showing.
Ethnicity estimate



  • Great Britain56%
  • Ireland15%
  • Europe West10%
  • Scandinavia9%
  • Trace Regions
  • Europe East6%
  • Italy/Greece3%
  • Iberian Peninsula< 1%
No Native American? There should at least be a trace from Grandma Peninah. There are other Wood-DNA cousins I can check on that.
There is a very small 3% of Italy/Greece but that could just reflect the Roman Legionaries infiltrating my predominate British. And there's an interesting trace from the Iberian Peninsula. That ties me to my Brazilian friends (maybe) and could also reflect more traces of Celtic.

The Irish is not a total surprise as my Welsh are principally out of ancient Becknockshire where the Irish Invader, Brychan Brycheiniog, established an Irish/Welsh Kingdom in the Dark Ages. He may not have been much of a Christian, but he had 24 sons and daughters (12 of each) -all who became Celtic Saints.

9% Scandinavian is no surprise with my 2nd Great Grandpa, Neils Peterson, marrying into the Easterlings.

And I am pleased to be majority British. I like how they call it "British" too. I recently read an article somewhere that the farther west you go, beginning at the Channel/North Sea, the more concentrated the Brythonic-Celtic DNA is. The people of England are not predominately Saxon or Angles or even Danes. As conquerors, they mixed, not exterminated. (Well, there are the Royals who are most definitely German).

There's a lot more analysis to do and particularly to find those distant cousins who can help solve the mysteries. I'm concerned about Grandma Peninah. I don't know how to break it to my Mom. And I'm ruling out the Choctaw, for sure.

To be continued . . . . here.

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