Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Mom Just Made My Day!

It wasn't her excitement over the Keepa post for her Mothers Day gift. She reminded me that Mothers Day was a week away when I thought it was tomorrow. (Thanks, Mom) It was when I wheeled her into the garage for the shade while we waited for Dad to open the car to help her get in from the chair.

"Where did you get those plants?" She asked.

"Stark Brothers Nursery in Missouri."

"Oh, Stark. That's a real good one"

"Yes," I said. "They've been in business since about 1820."

"My dad [Glen Wood Peterson] used to get plants from Stark by mail order."

"Mom, you just made my day." as I gave her a hug.

They are my bare roots to finish my lilac hedge. I was looking for sale prices at Utah plant nurseries when the internet took me to Stark Brothers. They had great prices.

The business is in Missouri even if near the Mississippi on the other side of the state from the Promised Land. It wasn't just the Missouri connection and reputation of Stark. I also happened to notice they were right across the Mississippi from Pleasant Vale Township in Illinois where my Grandpa's Great-Grandpa, Daniel Wood, settled during the Nauvoo Period (1839-1846). That was enough already to order the plants. I had no idea my Grandpa had done the same.

And if Starks were in business that long, maybe Grandpa Daniel Wood got some plants there too! My roots grow deep.

The bare roots came wrapped in shredded newspaper strips that were still wet. These green buds look ready to pop.
Instructions said to let them soak for 4-6 hours which will put them just right for planting this evening

And I got it done before the sun dropped golden into the West

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