Sunday, May 11, 2014

Finding Our Cousins WITH Our Cousins

Happy Mothers Day, Elinor!

Her card was carefully placed on top so I could tell the Sealer at the Bountiful Temple that she was the Matriarch of the whole group of family names we took to be sealed.

It was a lot of fun with typical family confusion to meet up with three of my dad's cousins and one spouse at the Temple yesterday morning. We thought it would be good to get some sealings done together for our shared family. Several of us have been working on this even before the Church put out this great video with Elder Anderson:

We've been working on this even before Elder Anderson's inspiring video. We had Vaughans, Jenkins, Wellivers, Davies, and more - all linked to our family with common ancestry back to Elinor Jenkins of Stowe Farm and John Vaughan of Hay buried in Llanfoist.

We also confused the rather elderly sealer a bit as we switched around to do some of the names as proxies. I wore my veil-worker name tag as I thought that might help. Cousin Mike Vaughn was the only other male in our group and he had his wife Annette so there was a Brother & Sister Vaughn making some of the sealings a little easier. Sharon Vaughn Headley and Judy Vaughn Atwood have different surnames, even if still Vaughns, adding to the confusion. But we got it done.

We plan to do this maybe once a quarter. It will be fun!

And important too. Judy just came up with Elinor's Patriarchal Blessing given by John Young, November 22, 1856, in Great Salt Lake City. One thing is says is that she will, "be an honor to thy kindred because thou shall bring many of them upon mount zion for thou shalt come up there."

Grandma Elinor, Cousins, it is an honor indeed!

Happy Mothers Day!

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