Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let's Not Charge Lightly into a Crimean War

As proud as Palin is on her Putin prediction, let's not follow the rest of the FOX mentality by rattling our sabers for silly self-gratification. The worst of it are the US Conservatives joining Putin in his criticisms of our President. Let's call them "Jane-Fonda-Patriots."

No, as complex, risky, and fascinating as the situation is, let's take our time to study it out, talk to all parties to the extent we can, engage the international community, and remember that before the sabers charge the cannons, there are a lot of other options diplomatically, economically, diplomatically, internationally, diplomatically, collectively, and diplomatically. Sheath your sabers to ease tensions and find peaceful solutions before any ill-advised charges into the cannons.

Sarah, please show a little more respect for our President than you do for your next-door-neighbor, bear-wrestling, dude friend.

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