Tuesday, February 25, 2014

President Obama: the Fulfillment of "Prophecy"

First off, I don't believe in these prophecies. Anonymous D and I were discussing the state of the world again and he suggested the idea that people will find what they are looking for out of life. If you are expecting everything to be evil and depraved, sure enough, they surround you!

It led me to think about some of the political prophecies I heard as a kid about how we would all wake up as communists one day. I keep pinching myself, but I still haven't woken any uncontrollable urges to sing The Internationale or shoot capitalists.

So, I ask you to consider the following. Think about what unique historical occurrences have happened in recent years and see if they don't make Barry Goldwater a prophet, at least to some:

Hmmm, "your kids" back then would have been us! (At least me, as I was in 3rd grade in 1964).

Let's see if we can link that up with another contemporaneous thought of those days:

And then there was W. Cleon Skousen also predicting a communist take-over of the United States. He had a list of 45 points the communists were using in their conspiracy to do so. I would have linked a video in here, but if you thought the Goldwater vids were painful, yeeesh! The Skousen vids are also really long. Although I have to admit I was entertained by a fairly recent one that quoted the author "Colon Sklousie or Sklouson" or something. (I kid you not!) Skipping to the end of that vid, yep, the spokesperson concludes that Skousen's 45 points revealing the communist conspiracy are being accomplished by none other than-- Barack Obama!

Anonymous D's point was that people tend to rationalize an answer to such political prophecies to fit their own mindset. Think about the Goldwater/Skousen minds above and what they could be concluding about our historically unique President.

In case you're wondering about W. Cleon Skousen, the FBI has posted a public page with copies of everything that was in his personnel file. This is in response to numerous Freedom of Information Requests for information on Skousen. Much of the file is correspondence with people asking if Skousen really was a close associate of J. Edgar Hoover. The Director made every attempt to diplomatically distance himself. Even today, the FBI's page on Skousen begins with this bureaucratic disclaimer:
Willard Skousen
Willard Cleon Skousen (1913-2006) was an author and conservative political theorist. He joined the FBI as a clerk in 1935 and became a special agent in 1940. In 1951, he voluntarily resigned from the Bureau. This release consists of Skousen’s FBI personnel file and public source material and correspondence concerning him.
It's rather ironic that instead of being "assigned" by J. Edgar to go out and fight communism in public speeches, the FBI was actively watching Skousen to be sure he did not embarrass the Bureau which seemed to be their main concern.

Goldwaterites and Skousenites of the World, unite! Whoa! I think they already have!

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