Saturday, February 22, 2014

Everything Is AWESOME!!

There is a no-conspiracy-theory policy on this blog which I am now going to break. It has long been a crack-pot idea of mine that it wasn't the arrival of the Beatles in 1964 that forever changed America, it was later that year with the subversive, counter-culture individualism of Rudolph.

Yes, those misfits and outcasts ennobled rebellion, especially Hermey with his ideas about being a dentist. I've only known two people in my life who really wanted to be dentists for the sheer fascination of teeth instead of the money and regular hours. One of them was a friend attending dental school when I was down the street in law school, His wife taught high school with my wife. The other was Hermey.

We saw The Lego Movie with two of our grandsons today. The biggest spoiler you all know from its mere existence: It's a two-hour Lego commercial! And that's Awesome!I thought there must have been a sponsor for Rudolph's first airing in 1964. I had to look it up.

Bringing good things to life since Thomas Edison
To see original GE commercials with the elves from Rudolph, check out this website
It wasn't all that manipulative in those days. I don't think kids were pestering their moms and dads to buy electric can openers. It was more of an obvious attempt at creating goodwill by sponsoring a quality children's show that families could watch together with the adults appreciating the sponsorship of a company selling all those great products. By the way, goodwill is a technical business/legal term. It has quantifiable economic value.

OK, while tiptoeing around spoilers in The Lego Movie, I will say that it was great! If you've seen any trailers, they didn't use all the best parts as is often the case. The whole movie is a hilarious masterpiece.  There were also messages beyond the Lego commercial. They were all over the place! It has a great ending with a good message. Oh, yeah!

There may be some straining at gnats and swallowing camels to find messages in The Lego Movie. It's not just a problem that so many are calling evil good in the world today. There are many as well who call Good evil.

Get a grip. Take a break. Go see a fun movie!

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