Monday, September 23, 2013

The Big Lie of "Socialism!"

I got a little snarky on a FB post of a friend with whom I share some political views. In his attempts to promote a little Social Justice from solid, Mormon History, he was met with all the usual screed about the evils of "Socialism." My best comment was:
"Socialism. You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it does."
My point here is to try and explain that when tea-partiers on the Right talk about "Socialism" they are not using the classic, dictionary definition of an economic system in which the state owns and controls the means of production.

(By the way, I am not a Socialist. I believe in property rights and open markets regulated by representative democracy. Sigh!)

No, I'm talking about the way the most rabid Conservatives talk about Socialism. The formula is simple:
Socialism = Evil
Or more precisely:
Socialism = Everything I don't like.
And of course:
Socialism = Communism = Fascism = Muslim Caliphate (borrowing a little from Beck's blackboard)
That's the only way I can figure that health insurance by private companies based on a Republican governor's system can be considered "Socialism." Or reverse discrimination (whatever that is), or our historically unique President, or undocumented immigrants and their children born under the Fourteenth Amendment, or sexual promiscuity (which I'm against, by the way even if I'm not at all sure how that got in there). Or, especially, COMMUNISM! Bonk, bonk, baah! (representing scary music).

It's almost as if the whole movement were being influenced by Capitalist propaganda of the 1950s!

I can't really figure this poster out. Besides the missing question mark, "?", is the old guy on the left supposed to be the Communist? Or is it the guy he's punching? And I figure it is the Communist/Socialist who is beating up poor General Lee on the right (wait. of course Gen. Lee shouldn't be on the right!) And notice how McNaugton got a whole crowd of satans in the background!

Let me explain my position and I think the President's, by the way. We do not believe in the bugbear of "income redistribution" or "reparations." (Rush, you need not live in fear!) No, what we believe in is the good of We the People. We believe that OPPORTUNITIES should be distributed more fairly. Everyone should have a fair chance on basics like good schools, early childhood education, college, opportunities to work, become citizens, clean air, clean water, parks, fair labor standards, fair business practices, fair banking & investment rules, etc. - not fair or equal outcomes - life isn't fair. But the unfairness of this imperfect world does not disable us from trying to make it better. That's all I ask. Let's try a little - together. 

You know, We the People and all that jazz.


  1. I think your assessment is right on. What you hope for is very reasonable. I personally would be ok with a little more income redistribution, at least to get things going on a more even keel. To have our country be so much more unequal than just about every other developed nation is a disgrace to us as world leaders. The light on the hill has grown quite dim. But if the demagogues on the right will tone it down, there is still hope for us to be the example the Lord meant us to be.

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