Thursday, June 27, 2013

Republican Honor Roll - Immigration Reform

The U.S. Senate passed Immigration Reform today!! It's not perfect, but it follows principles of enforcement,  a pathway to citizenship, opportunities for entry to work, etc. It's a "compromise." Just like our wonderful, inspired Constitution itself.

Indeed we could say it follows the principles of the Utah Compact supported by the LDS Church along with the admonition that immigration reform should balance enforcement with respect for families and all people.

It passed with all of the Democrats, both Independents, and a good number of Republicans. The Republican "yeas" are those who get my "statesmen (and women)" award this evening:

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee;

Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire;

Jeff Chiesa of New Jersey;

Susan Collins of Maine;

Bob Corker of Tennessee;

Jeff Flake of Arizona (LDS);

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina;

Orrin Hatch of Utah (LDS);

Dean Heller of Nevada (LDS);

John Hoeven of North Dakota

Mark Kirk of Illinois;

John McCain of Arizona;

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska;

Marco Rubio of Florida (former LDS).
The bill also had LDS support from Democratic Senators Harry Reid of Nevada and Tom Udall of New Mexico. Tom claims his Mormon heritage even if his first cousin, Mark Udall, of Colorado does not so much. (I know about Tom because I was his bishop).

Absent from the LDS list of Senators are Crapo of Idaho (that guy who was arrested for DUI a while back) and our own Mayor of Munchkin City, the one and only tea partier Senator from Utah (now that Hatch is re-elected), Mike Lee! Let's here it for Mikey! (boo).

If you're a statistical analyst like my oldest son, or even if your not because this isn't too complex, you might notice that there are five or six or so LDS Senators (OK, so the count isn't exactly clear). Yes, we are disproportionately represented. But that's the nature of the state-power-based Senate and geography - although it is pretty weird that both Senators from Nevada of both major parties are LDS.

And, the really odd thing is that there are at least three direct descendants of irascible  John D. Lee in the U.S. Senate (Both Udalls and obviously, Mike. Recent Oregon Republican Senator Gordon Smith, another Udall cousin, was also). Make of that what you will.

Now, on to the House. John Boehner, good luck!

Compromise is not a sin. It's America.

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