Thursday, June 13, 2013

Closing in on the Tailor

We spent some time this evening in the Family History Library with my wife's childhood friend who found some great info on her Jewish side of the family in Nancy, France. In fact, she shared the fascinating information that before the French Revolution, Jews were not considered citizens of France. They were allowed to register as citizens under the Napoleonic Civil Code, so the little dictator wasn't all bad.

Anyway, my wife stole my netbook so I was stuck on the FHL computers and I was googling like crazy on my 1789 illegitimacy problem. Our prime suspect remains the same, but so far it's all still circumstantial evidence. What I found of interest were three different requests for information on genealogical discussion boards on the same guy! Our suspected ancestor! And I learned a little more about the family that they were innkeepers as well as tailors and shoemakers. Best of all, a picture of the inn:
The Three Horseshoes Pub, Velindre (Felindre), Glasbury, Wales
Courtesy of Andy Dolman under Creative Commons license
It matches up with everything I know from the 1841 and 1851 Censuses. I just didn't have the name of the inn. Nice to the see the place is still in business. And the questions multiply on themselves.

Here's what I put on the thread:
I have a little information about your Rees Price. He appears on the 1851 Census in Velindre at 91 yrs of age and died at 93 yrs in 1852, buried in Glasbury. That would put his birth at about 1760. The 1851 Census says he was born in Bronllys but I have not found a record of that. The Glasbury Vestry Minutes say he was a tailor. 
Now, the reason why I am interested in him is the possibility that the could be the father of my illegitimate ancestor, and direct-paternal-line surname originator, John Vaughan, christened 1789 in neighboring Hay. The mother was Hannah or Joanna Vaughan (1763-after 1797) daughter of Roger and Elizabeth Vaughan of Glasbury. I have info from the Hay Vestry Minutes that Roger Vaughan petitioned for assistance in caring for his daughter's illegitimate son "on behalf of the tailor who is in gaol." I have not confirmed this is Rees Price, tailor of Glasbury, but the circumstantial evidence is there and I am trying to find something more solid. So, I could be your distant, illegitimate cousin, so to speak. But I'm happy to be a Vaughn not a Price, if that's OK.
If you wish to communicate with me directly, I am glad to share the specific documentation I have.
Now we wait. But it is good to know where to get a meal next time I'm in the neighborhood.

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