Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Power from on High

John Wheelwright - 1961?
About the time of the story
Being the oldest child of an oldest child up the paternal side, I was privileged to know three of those great-grandparents. John Hyrum Wheelwright was born in 1882 and died in 1963, so my overlap with him wasn't long and we didn't live nearby. There were visits and a story that was passed down about me and Grandpa.

We were at their home in Ogden and I was about three. My parents and great-grandparents suddenly noticed that I was no longer there. I had gone out the door, down the steps, and on down the sidewalk along Quincy Avenue. It was probably my dad who ran and scooped me up. My Great-Grandpa Wheelwright chuckling on the porch said, "Let 'im go! He seems to know where he's going!"

Yep. A great family story. Yet tonight sitting in the Temple as my daughter received her endowment of priesthood power from on high for her upcoming marriage sealing, I seemed to hear those actual words from Grandpa in dim folds of memory or maybe he was there whispering to my soul.

The thing is, the words apply equally to me today as they did fifty-plus years ago. Gaining a new found confidence in my life, I say to the world, "Let me go! I seem to know where I'm going!"

If I have a Guardian Angel, I think it just might possibly be him. Thanks, Grandpa!

John Wheelwright, 1903, probably at the Willows, South Fork Ogden River
John Wheelwright visiting in Payette, Idaho. It appears to be summer-time
and the photo is stamped Aug 1957 - the summer I was born across the Snake

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  1. Sorry, "Unknown," but I accidentally deleted your comment. Here's what it said (from my email notice of the comment):

    "As a great-grandson of John Hyrum Wheelwright too, I am pleased to hear there are others who are moderate-liberal Mormons out there."

    And I'm glad to know that you're out there, Cousin!


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