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Live-Blogging April 2012 LDS Conference - Sunday Afternoon

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President Uchtdorf Conducting.

(Maybe they'll have Elder Echo Hawk speak this afternoon) [Nope. Maybe next time]
Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Has a friend who sends his a tie for when he speaks in conference
Apparently his friend, Scott, has disability challenges - his simple testimony is so strong he can't believe not everybody is a member of the church.
Book of Mormon is a great book. The most correct of any book and the keystone of our religion -Joseph Smith
Studying Book of Mormon in Sunday School. We should share it like Scott.
Nephi - tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he has chosen to make them mighty. I Nephi 1:20
BoM is a tender mercy of the Lord
Teaches Doctrine of Christ
Lehi's departure of his family story of deliverance as are many other stories in BoM he lists
Theme of Deliverance is evident throughout entire book
two similar
Mosiah Chap. 20 - King Limhi living in land of the Lamanites - had to be in bondage - they went to battle 3 times defeated - cried unto the Lord because of burdens 21:15 Lord slow to hear cries because of their iniquities  - did not see fit to deliver them. They eventually escapes.
24th Chap of Mosiah - Alma and people in the Land of Helam - worked out a solution with the Lamanites and placed heavy burdens. verse 13 - the Lord covenants with his people and will deliver them out of bondage - the difference? People of Alma were peaceful and more righteous - humble before the Lord.
The Lord promises us deliverance - Atonement and Resurrection provide an escape from physical death and from spiritual death if we repent.
My work and my glory to bring to pass immortality and eternal life of man Moses 1:39
Forces of secularism challenging eternal values and standards and ancient scripture - say the bible is wrong - each should have freedom - what a blessing to have account of Lord and Savior in Book of Mormon to have a second witness to Bible - I Nephi 13 - the Angel spake that these last records shall establish the truth of the first - and make known the plain and precious things. All men must come unto him or they cannot be saved.
The need for both books - both necessary for our salvation and exaltation. When used together they confound false doctrine - Pres. Benson
Story of Abraham and Sarah - Lot and nephew out of Egypt - Lot pitched his tent facing Sodom. Lot's problems can be traced back to facing Sodom. Abraham had challenges, but it was a blessed life. We don't know where his tent faced but Genesis 13 removed tent to Mamre and built alter unto the Lord - believes the door of his tent faced the alter. The Book of Mormon story is that King Benjamin had his people face their tents toward the Temple.
Testimony of Christ. We can draw close to him by reading the Book of Mormon.

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Liahona - round ball of curious workmanship - astonished like when he saw a GPS unit.
He doesn't need to ask for directions and doesn't need to ask.
A more remarkable tool we have are the promptings of the Holy Ghost
Atoning Sacrifice of Savior can return us home.
Being lost can apply to whole societies - particularly with regard to values within our own homes.
Joseph F. Smith connected happiness to the family and the home - no happiness without service
Our homes need reform
Growing disregard for marriage - more than half of births to women under 30 occur outside of marriage
Couples who do marry, more than half get divorced
Equally worrisome is growing gap between rich and poor [eh?]
Those who have lower incomes are less likely to marry - trends troubling in rest of the world
Prosperity and education seem to be connected to higher values of families
but what is the cause and effect? is it the other way around. When people make the family and religious commitments they do better spiritually and often temporally as well
Children born in wedlock with both mom and dad, opportunities skyrocket
less government and costly safety nets are required - family breakdown causing societal breakdown
But it can be reversed if what is causing them
Equities corrected by living values.
Devote ourselves to our families we will become an example and beacon to others in the world
Styles, trends, fads, P.C., wrong as right and right as wrong - evil becomes ever more deceptive
Even as the gospel of truth and light attracts the honorable of the earth
We are small in number but as members of the church we can reach across these gaps.
A year ago we celebrated 75 years of welfare program - millions of hours donated.
Church is a beacon - Lord uses it as a tool to pull people of the world in
Spirit of Elijah is great power of the Lord's purposes - hearts of the fathers to children and children to fathers. The church is a catalyst for heart turning.
Life is better and much happier as hearts turn to family
First - prioritize - put everything outside the home in subjection to what we do inside the home
Most important work in the walls of the home - Pres McKay no other success can compensate for failure in the home
Teach children to work
Second - we need to do things in right order - marriage and then family.
No career can bring as much fulfillment as raising a family
Third - husbands and wives should be equal partners - avoid unrighteous dominion
Finally - use the resources of the church
If anyone has lost their way Luke 15 - Savior tells of shepherd searching for lost sheep, woman with lost coin, and prodigal son - none of us will ever be so lost that we and not find her way again.
Spiritual GPS

Elder O. Vincent Haleck of the Seventy
About his parents bringing family from Samoa
Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs
Peter - To whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life
The apostles were able to do hard things with the vision of the gospel
Prophet Alma gained his vision when he heard Abinadi testify
Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus
Today, young men & women and older couples serving missions acting on vision to serve
the comforter which is the Holy Ghost will bring all things to your remembrance John 14:26
Focus on the Savior and the things that matter most
What manner of men ought ye to be? Even as I am.
Ask and ye shall receive - knock and it shall be opened
We are a people with a heritage of vision

Elder Larry Y. Wilson of the Seventy
D&C 121 principles - story of his wife's driving and how invoking the priesthood did not give him any authority
Loving patience and eternal principles.
compulsion creates resentment
Help children learn to make choices
Story of daughter deciding to play soccer on Sunday and learning the hard way.
Children have to establish their own connection to heaven.

Elder David F. Evans of the Seventy
Most important work is within home and our family
We must be faithful ourselves so they can see our example
Talk of Christ, prophesy of Christ that our children may know where to look 2 Nephi 25:26
Labor diligently to persuade our brethren to believe in Christ and be reconciled to God 2 Nephi 25:23
My work and my glory to bring to pass immortality and eternal life of man Moses 1:39
Worth of souls is great Mosiah 18:10
Stories of people, even people struggling, bringing others into the gospel.
Naturally and normally sharing the gospel with those you care about.
Act without delay on promptings - do it in a natural and normal way.

Elder Paul B. Pieper of the Seventy
Moses - Alma - Joseph Smith - Path to prophethood
Our experiences with the divine may not be as dramatic but we must recognize and hold sacred that which we receive from above.
Our divine encounters mostly involve the Holy Ghost [as opposed to the other Two]
recording our experiences is important
Remember, that which cometh from above is sacred
The opposite is secular or worldly
Knowledge of the secular is essential for daily living but choice is to place sacred above the secular as a matter of priority not exclusivity [that's good]
Secular voices encourage some to abandon the spiritual
Lord to Oliver "did I not speak peace to your mind?" rely on sacred personal witnesses already received when our faith is challenged.
The sacred cannot be selectively disregarded
Those who hold sacred things sacred receive promises - receive more light D&C 88 [I think]

Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Brazilian reporter researched the church and interviewed him
How could someone not consider you Christian? Elder Anderson applied it personally
What think ye of Christ? Matt. 22:42
Paul said we shall stand before judgment seat of Christ - What thinks Christ of me?
Jesus referred to some as fools and hypocrites others as followers, chosen, disciples, friends
This is live eternal to know thee the true and living God and Jesus Christ
The Lord blesses us with customized direction through the Holy Ghost
The Savior responds to our acts of faith "We will make our abode with him."
It's not a competition but an invitation to all. It is a lifelong migration toward a more Celestial world
If ye love me keep my commandments John 14:15 - take up your cross daily. D&C 112:14
We may not be at our best every day but if we are trying - come unto me heavy laden and I will give thee rest.
Together we can lift and strengthen one another. Let us have faith in the Son of God.
Story of Jami Palmer Brinton - story about Pres. Monson and little girl with cancer
What would Jesus do?
Jesus - Be not afraid, only believe Mark 5:36
Believe in seasons of trouble and peace
Story of family from Haiti - earthquake - children in destroyed building - prayed to find just one child alive - Father heard the cry of a baby, for hours neighbors helped dig out. They heard another sound. it was a little child singing "I am a child of God" - all three children found alive.
Sometimes we worry that our miracles aren't coming - but in this life or next all will be made right.
"In the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." John 16:33
What thinks Christ of me?
President Monson ordained an Apostle when he was 12 years old.
Angels have returned to our church in this day.
Testimony of Christ - He will return
On that day, we will not be concerned do others consider us Christian? Are question will be What thinks Christ of me?

President Thomas S. Monson
Heart is full at close of conference
We've been richly blessed
Expressed gratitude for musical talents and those who have spoken and prayed and worked behind the scenes
Gratitude to those released
Welcomes to new ones sustained
Called by inspiration from on high
Unprecedented coverage of this conference
Gospel of Jesus Christ provides answers to life's questions
We live in troubled times but our Heavenly Father knows and loves each of us
Pray always and He will pour out his spirit among us.
Love your families
Disagreements or contentions - settle them now. There shall be no disputations among you
He that hath the spirit of contention is not of me but is of the devil
This is not my doctrine - this is my doctrine that such things should be done away.
King Benjamin - I am subject to infirmities in body and mind but have been chosen by the Lord to serve you.
Desires with all his heart to do God's will to serve him and serve us.
May you become better than you were when conference began.

Thank you, President Monson.

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