Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Newt's Check Bounced

Yes, Santorum is out. Ron Paul is as irrelevant as ever. And Romney is the default Republican nominee for President. What of the newt? You may well ask. According to KSL, the newt campaign bounced its check to pay the filing fee for the Utah Primary, proving once and for all that his candidacy is as big a joke as most of the other also-rans in the Republican race.

I will try to stay positive as this race goes forward with the Governor versus the President. That's going to be really hard because they won't. And now, most of the really entertaining candidates are out.

The country will not come to utter destruction if either party's candidate wins in November. Romney, as I've said before, has all the qualifications to be a competent president. I would expect him to do at least as well as H.W. Bush. And I mean that in a pretty sincere way. At least in my national office, we had some of the best political appointees of any administration under Papa Bush since I began my federal career in 1983 (and that's all I'll say about that until maybe after I retire.) While I think Romney could be an adequate President, I'm not convinced yet that he's a great campaigner (just google "Romney campaign gaffes").

With regard to the other guy, the current President of the United States, somehow he hasn't destroyed the country in all the time he's had to do so since January 2009. Granted we haven't entered blissful Nirvana yet--  neither have we fallen into Great Depression II or started more wars except for that one in Libya we already won. We're out of Iraq and that guy who destroyed the Twin Towers and had nothing to do with Iraq was taken out by the Navy Seals. And we have been eking out a slow and steady economic recovery. Oh, and my college kids can stay on our family insurance until they're 26 and hopefully have their own careers. Things could be a heck of a lot worse. (VP Palin . . . .)

Maybe the negative tinfoil-hatters are right that the President is saving all his evil plans to turn us into Mau-Mau communist nazis during his second term. But somehow I just don't buy that.

Meanwhile, don't take a check from any guy named "Newt."


  1. "Things could be a heck of a lot worse. (VP Palin . . . .)"

    Yeah, there was that possibility. Yikes!!

    Newt . . . "If you can't say anything nice about someone . . ."

    That's good advice, but I can't resist passing on a great joke from the day of the South Carolina primary:

    "The primary closes at 9:00, but Newt's marriage will be open all night."

    1. Bad joke, Papa D (but, yeah, a little funny).


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