Sunday, February 18, 2018

Let There be PEACE on Earth

And let it begin . . . in the International Peace Garden, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Why didn't I know this existed?

Yesterday, when I was looking for pics to go with another blog post, I found this wonderful place not far from downtown, at 900 West 1000 South on the Jordan River Parkway. When I arrived at the Family History Library before it opened yesterday morning, I took the opportunity to go wander the gardens.

It's still February, so there wasn't much going on with flowery aspects. I will return, hopefully many times. It's the kind of place I could wander as an old man and sit in peace.

I'll share my photo tour without commentary because I would be tempted to say too many things to detract such as I think the Swiss got a little carried away with their Matterhorn. I wanted to get in line for the ride, but didn't have my mouse ears. No, Peace, peace, peace, be still . . . .

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