Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tweeting trump's Speech to Congress

  1. Babysitting Grandkids, this was the best I could do tonight. It's a miracle I could watch a whole hour-plus of a man frowning while reading from a teleprompter!
    1. "A Great GREAT Wall!"

    1. Harley Davidson will make America great again?
    1. The National Academy of Science calculated cost of immigrants to precisely "many billions of dollars."
    1. He hasn't grabbed anybody by the privates yet, so he's got that going for him.

    1. Victims Of Immigrant Crime "E" something. VOICE boo!
    1. Change the hat to a pile of fluff and you could make America great again.
      1. Er, yeah. That happened.
      2. Eric Geller
  2.   Retweeted

  3. Democrats have left the building.

  4. And this ended up on Facebook but was supposed to be a Tweet:
  5. Chipmunk Chaffetz doesn't look like he'll be investigating trump any time soon.
and this:

The main problem is that he equated immigrants with killers. At least no rapists but not even some good people.

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