Sunday, January 3, 2016

Illegal Idiots Seize U.S. Property

Location of Malheur NWF. The arrow marks Nyssa, Oregon, where this blogger was born.
Yes, ol' Cliven Bundy['s sons] have done it again! They and his gang that couldn't shoot straight have seized the headquarters of the allegedly tyrannical Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Southeastern Oregon. The Refuge, authorized constitutionally by federal statute, is somehow an offense to Bundys' buddies as is the National Forest they now claim belongs to the local ranchers, not all the people of the United States, mind you, just the ones who live close by.

In spite of the desires of the Illegal Idiots to provoke a federal showdown over their grievances arising from trespassing on public lands and the fact that they don't like the President much, I think their tomfoolery will just play itself out to a dud in the desert of my native Oregon.

Let's hope no public servants are harmed in the performance of their constitutional duties. And let's hope no Illegal Idiots are killed to be promoted as martyrs to set off other Idiots to illegal acts against the people of the United States. When I say "people," I mean all the people as Lincoln did. Not just those who hate the constitutional rule of law.

Hopefully, the Illegal Idiots will soon be held in their own "private" space in a federal penitentiary after a constitutional trial, of course.

By the way, Malheur, also the name of the neighboring county where I was born, means "bad luck." The French Canadian trappers had plenty of that there. Let's hope the Illegal Idiots do too.

See an update to this here.

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