Saturday, April 4, 2015

Late Live-Blogging Priesthood Session - LDS Conference - April 2015

So, I'm perfectly happy to stay home and live-blog it from BYU-TV. But my boys want to go to the church and then out for ice cream. I said we could do ice cream regardless and they want to hold to tradition.

I'll update in here later with some general notes or comments. Checking around the internet, it looks like live-blogging isn't the "thing" it used to be. I certainly get fewer hits (maybe justified). The live-broadcasts are easier to access all the time. The old-style of blogging has turned into cute tweeting or whatever other briefer forms people are using. Sigh, for the good old days!

So what happened was that I took a few notes but I also got texts to #ldsconf that my boy going on mission showed me. So I'll just put that in here. It's back to front chronologically. That's how Twitter works:

OK. I have no idea why some of my tweets are in HUGE letters and some aren't.

To explain a little from the bottom up, the BYU male chorus sang "For the Strength of the Hills" as the opening song.

Then the next two are rather self-explanatory "Que bom!" should be universally recognized as "Good!" As should Cymraeg for Welsh.

Then Elder Ballard talked about how missionaries are called and how the General Authorities would like to interview every missionary (I got interviewed once by W. Grant Bangerter). So he asked us to look into his eyes and answer for ourselves a series of questions about the Sacrament and praying and testimony of the Savior and sexual purity, etc.

The rest are fairly self-explanatory. And I was surprised by how animated President Monson was. But looking so withdrawn and thin, it may have taken everything he had. He was not his robust, former self. But it was still a good story and a good talk.

Then we went to Arctic Circle because Dairy Queen is absolutely impossible to get in and the North and South Stake Centers are closer than our own building with it's own broadcast connection. The real bummer was they don't have the chocolate almond shake anymore. Sigh.

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