Sunday, April 5, 2015

Live-Blogging LDS Conference - Easter Afternoon - 2015

Have more family here now.

Gifford Nielsen is going to give the prayer. When I went to BYU in 1975, he was the Quarterback.

President Uchtdorf conducting

Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of Twelve
As others respond to our beliefs we must not forget that mortal agency applies to us all.
Lucifer interfered wth the Agency of Man - a third turned away because of their agency - they lost their divine destiny
Jesus used his agency to follow the Father's plan.
The opportunity to have a body, progress, have a family
We need to know the doctrine to follow Christ so we don't get blown by the winds.
Whoever you are and whatever your past may be it is not to late to make that same choice again and follow him.
Gift of the Holy Ghost - provides knowledge and understanding - power to overcome sin
Faithful use of our agency requires that we have religious freedom.
Now the adversary is spreading confusion about religious freedom.
1. Freedom to believe - no one should criticize, persecute, or attack for what anyone believes about God is very personal and very important. Quoting D&C 134. Fundamental freedom of belief acknowledged by United Nations
2. Freedom to share Faith and our beliefs with others. Commandment to teach gospel to our children. Go ye into all the world to preach the Gospel.
3. Freedom to form a religious organization. a church to worship with others. Article of Faith 11. International rights documents
4. Freedom to Live our faith - free exercise not just in home and chapel. in public space. Some are offended when we bring our religion into the public square - some are intolerant as they promote their own viewpoints. Social and religious intolerance is a threat to religion.
Book of Alma - Amlici - voice of the people came against him and he was not made king.
We have a responsibility to work together with others who share our beliefs.
We should all individually share our convictions with love (not as spokesman for the church)
Joseph Smith would defend Presbyterians.
Love of liberty inspires his soul - Joseph Smith
We are responsible to safeguard these sacred rights.
Be aware of issues in the community
In individual capacity join with others to protect religious freedom
How we live is far more important than what we say

Elder Kevin W. Pearson of the Seventy
Endure to the end
No one at any age is free from Satan's temptations. Trials and troubles - to hang in there is not a principle of the gospel.
We struggle when we are faced with competing priorities.
Lehi's dream
1. Don't forget to pray. When life gets dark an dreary don't foget to pray
2. Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him.
3. Press forward with faith - path to the Tree of Life - Christ - obedience builds faith in Christ
4. The Book of Mormon is key to spiritual society. Be patient, cling to truth. Hold fast to the word of God and live it. Search the book of Mormon and the words of the Apostles
5. Don't be distracted and deceived. Searching hashtag #spaciousbuilding will not help - There isn't one [I bet there is now]
6. Stay by the Tree. Yield your hearts to God - can't return from mission and dive into computer games and porno - True disciples pray - Stay awake - once we enter into covenants with God there is no going back - average is the enemy of excellence - if struggling do the one thing to get on track - begin again to study Book of Mormon and live it's teachings.

Elder Rafael E. Pino of the Seventy
Revelation given to Moses
This is my work and my glory
Gives us all the opportunity to recieve the blessing of the plan de felicidad
perspectiva eterna
 Key principle from Alma - God gave us commandments - gave to Adam and Eva the plan
During my time in the church - I've been a witness in many countries
One common factor is the perspective eternal
The perspective of eternal exaltation
One time Bolivia on the border of Brazil
There was a children's program
[estó escuchando en espanhol. El problema es que es cinco minutos atrasado. So that option doesn't even work. It's great to hear the gospel in your own tongue. I would just like to hear it in the speaker's tongue for those I understand, particularly Portuguese and Spanish]
Look upon life with eternal perspective - Pres. Kimball
Elder Haight about Michelangelo - boy came to watch - how did you know he was in there? The artist's vision of possibilities allowed him to create a work of art.
Loving, just and eternal Heavenly Father.

President Uchtdorf "accidentally" went into native German language!!!!! At least it wasn't dubbed over. And I was fine with it - I can get the gist of German. Even if he did it as a joke it was pretty good.

Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve
We are a very large world wide group of believers
far from perfect but not casual in our Faith
His cause is the greatest cause in all the world
We live in time before the 2nd coming we live in the glorious time of resurrection.

[SO sorry, but my left hand is hurting and mistyping. I keep trying to tell my neurologist that my left hand has lost its cunning, but it must be an orthopedic not neurological problem. Sigh. I'll get it figured out. I also had to help out with dinner.]

Elder Joseph W. Sitati of  the Seventy and of Kenya

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