Sunday, October 5, 2014

Live-Blogging LDS General Conference, Sunday PM

M Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve
Cataract Canyon activity - checked the NPS website - guide emphasized safety rules. "Stay in the Boat!"
Crisis of faith and all other challenges of life
The old ship Zion. If you're out on it you might think it's not and jump overboard.
President Young - God is at the helm and will stay there. For the Lord is here.
Given the challenges we all faith, how do we stay
We need to experience a continuing conversion throughout our lives.
Experienced river guides can be likened to church leaders.
We will not and cannot lead you astray.
Those lost and confused are those who have forgotten that when the 1st Presidency and Quorum of 12 speak as a united voice, that is the word of the Lord for this time and circumstance.
They don't live in a bubble - more out of a bubble than most people meeting with President. leaders of other churches and everyday people.
Always wear a life jacket and hold on with both hands.
We need to become like the sons of Mosiah who waxed strong in the knowledge of the church
Search the scriptures. Study and live the Doctrine of Christ. Give ourselves to much prayer and fasting.
Stay focused on these simple things and avoid being distracted.
Joseph Smith the fundamentals of our religion are the testimonies of the Apostles and Prophets of the Savior. Keep our focus on the Lord.
Sometimes members and investigators fail to focus on the essentials and focus on the appendages.
They become preoccupied with less important doctrines.
Questions are OK. Members are always free to ask questions and learn greater understanding.
What matters most. Our Heavenly Father's plan and the Doctrine of Christ.
Stay in the boat. Use your life-jackets. Hold on with both hands to the good ship Zion.

Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles
Adam and Eve in the Garden had not felt the bad or the good for being in innocence
After expulsion, they began to experience life.
Knowledge of good and evil introduced into the world.
We can understand peace because we feel turmoil
He, God, prepared a way through the Atonement of Christ to overcome all our troubles.
We don't need to list all the troubles in the world
Our purpose in coming here was to be tested, tried and stretched.
Lehi, 1 Nephi 2:11 It must be that there is an opposition in all things.
Father in Heaven will not force you to pray, but you will feel his influence and peace to do so.

1. Arm your children day and night with the power of family prayer.
Protect and fortify them with family prayer.
It should be a non-negotiable priority in your daily life
Study the word of God in the scriptures.
Study the scriptures should be highest priority.

2. As you dedicate time to study the word of God, peace will come into  your home.
Your life will not be free from challenges, they are an important part of mortality, but you can develop faith and have peace according to God's time.

3. Weekly family home evening. Not just an afterthought of a busy day. Decide to be together for the evening.

4. Go to the Temple. No more peaceful place on earth. Schedule a regular time to be in the Temple. Listen to the words of the ordinances. ponder, pray about them. Many blessings come from providing family names in the Temple.

Doing these 4 things we are acting to come unto Him.
Atonement of Jesus Christ make it possible to overcome our challenge

Elder Godoy of the Seventy
Falando em português. Trying to listen under the overdub. No time to type cuz I can't do three things at once.
Somos Filhos de Deus [I got that much]
(No, I switched to Portuguese on and got the Conference in Portuguese, no subtitles. My son and I were understanding it just fine. But we got banished to the other room because it was interfering with those listening in English who got crabby)
Anyway, this is worth a pic:

Unfortunately I clicked him com olhos fechados
So, a missionary companion of mine just posted that Elder Godoy is from Porto Alegre and baptized in 1977 while we were on our mission (taught by Sister Missionaries).

Elder Alan Packer of the Seventy
[This is President Packer's son. I had dinner at his house once before he was a GA. It was because my wife was working with Sister Packer on Cub Scout stuff.]
Talking about the importance of Family. [just quoted his dad as "President Packer"]
Renewed emphasis on Family History. You're attention to this will increase your happiness.
The book to be prepared from the church's family tree database.
Sec. 128 for we without our ancestors cannot be made perfect neither can they without us.
Family History also includes the present as we prepare our own histories.
Like the sacrament, attending church, prayer - it should be a part of our worship.
Most obstacles have been removed
Still one obstacle the church can't remove - an individual decision to do the work.
Not a large block of time but a little over a long period of time.
The names we find and take to the Temple will be what goes into the book.
Very few involved. With few exceptions, everyone can do it.

Elder somebody speaking in Spanish [I was distracted] Elder Hugo E. Martinez of the Seventy
I can understand this too if I didn't have overdub. Then it just becomes a mass of confusion.
He's talking about Family History too - becoming Saviors on Mount Zion.

OK, I admit it. I dozed off.

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