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Republican Debate June 13, 2011: Live Blog (attempted)

Here we are giving this a try again. John King with CNN is excited. Santorum is peppy in his intro ending abruptly with his 7 children. Bachman also lists 5 children and 23 fosters (nobody will beat that). Gingrich invoking the "Obama Depression."Romney also has kids and kids-in-law but why the self-deprecation about getting it right? Oops Paul just beat Bachman having delivered THOUSANDS of babies. Pawlenty is married and then he sort of lost me (cuz he's kinda boring). Cain- it's about his grandkids too because he's a problem solver.

NH old guy gets to ask a question about jobs. Hispanic guy apparently. Republicans don't have plans for jobs. What are those plans? Mr. Cain? get the economy "boosted" government has put all the money in the caboose. Put the right fuel in the engine which is the private sector.

King asks Santorum about Pawlenty's 5% growth. Santorum attacks Obamacare because it's oppressive. Regulations, taxation. Energy is causing second dip.

King turns it on Pawlenty who says it's not just cuts, trips up a little but gets pep talk about 5% growth because we're not going to be enemic.

Romney rather paternalistic on Pawlenty - he "means" well but goes on the attack on Obama about a failed President card check, obamacare. King tries to cut him while Romney keeps talking tripping over King.

King to Gingrich. Reagan recovery created all these jobs (Gingrich takes credit) attacks Obama harsher than Romney on Obama attacks "It's a Depression, now!" [that should help the markets]

Bachman follows on Gingrich to repeal Dodd [whatever]- Bachman announces her paper filing so she's official. Every candidate applauds. King "I'm sure they all welcome you to the fray"

King to Paul has Obama done one thing right with regard to the economy? Paul- boy I can't think of any [hilarity ensues - Bachman cackles] Paul says 5% is not unrealistic and attacks Fed Reserve. People don't understand monetary policy. King can't cut him off and lectures field.

Sylvia Smith independent journalist concerned about obamacare overreach. King to Bachman - Bachman touts full-scale repeal of obamacare she will not rest until obamacare is repealed - it's a job killer. It will kill 800,000 jobs. Pres. took money out of medicare to fund younguns.

King goes on Obomneycare [which I haven't heard but is apparently something Pawlenty coined] Romney will seek to repeal and sign 50 waivers for each state. Romney repeats Bachman on medicare cut for Obamacare. Romney repeal and replace with state-centered program.

Pawlenty - goes off track and King cuts him off and T-Paw goes on Obama not Romney as King invited him to. King comes back, T-Paw still doesn't take bait King challenges him on his own words on TV but Obama is still the target according to T-Paw.

Romney can't wait to debate Obama - why didn't you give me a call? - huge power grab.
King is loosing control on this.
He goes on Gingrich on whether Mandate is a litmus test - Gingrich says it should be. Gingrich switches to Congress to build a chance to repeal. It's not the president it requires the people to change the senate.

Pfaff NH Repub activist - mainstream - not tea party - how are we going to get a balance and not be torned by faction? Santorum - look at my record cuz he's accomplished a lot. [boring congressional record]. King b - b - b- b- b-
King are you concerned by Tea party. Santorum not at all its a backbone.
Bachman? what she's seen, it's the medias fault - made up of disaffected dems, independents, etc. that's why the left fears it. This election will be about economics. How do we get a growth economy. Obama has failed. The question asker is non-plussed. Bachman CHEERLEADS OBAMA ONE TERM PRES!

Cain Tea party not too negative. He will do what's right not what's politically right. His experience in business world are the same way to get the people involved [?] [I didn't follow that]

Paul invited to expound on monetary policy - Fed is weakening our currency. Our money stays overseas instead of coming back to be taxed - deregulate and detax. We are deliberately weakening our currency.

Pawlenty - responds as a meat packer from a union. Fair trade - it's not now fair - he doesn't want to be stupid or a chump [?] make costs and burdens of manufacturing competitive take the rocks out it's all because of obamacare. Get the government off our backs.

Bachman - job training gets mixed results. Second highest corp tax rate we got to bring it down. Liberals get into office and pass omnibus bills to spend money. Declares the EPA is the worse agency ever - job killer

Santorum interupts King to declare himself a steel man from Pennsylvania - invest the money here and have that wealth really trickle down.

Pawlenty question from local media - right to work? Pawlenty- government can't tell us what organization to belong to he supports it strongly. He was a union guy too. Gov can't tell us what to do we tell the gov what to do.

Gingrich asked about demonizing fed workers Gingrich goes after NLRB thats kill opposition to right to work. He says keep it at state level. Don't be California be Texas. RTW states are creating more jobs.

Cain believes in RTW. If feds continue to do the back door NLRB that's killing free market system.

King asks Santorum Leno or Conan - Santorum maybe Leno but he doesn't watch either. [Who does King think he is? Barbara Walters? Who gets to be the tree?]

to Bachman Elvis or Johnny Cash? -  both - that's really hard, "Christmas's Elvis" on her iPod

Paul gov help to private enterprise is "immoral" Gov and bureaucrats aren't smart enough.

King -when is less gov is better? to Cain - studied the financial meltdown yes we needed to do something. But the admin picked winners and losers and helped the auto industry - doesn't believe in "too big to fail" fee market will pick up the pieces

Question to Romney about the auto industry -wasn't the bailout a success? Romney- no because it wasted money. Romney wrote an op-ed -but let them go through bankruptcy get rid of costs and debts. Bush and Obama wrote checks and ultimately still went to bankruptcy and wasted all the money and Obama gave the company to the UAW. Gov is wrong. Keep Gov in it's place and let private sector and people do it.  King - reads Romney op-ed if you bailout you will "kiss industry goodbye" Romney says he's not wrong use the process of law and American ingenuity.

King - anyone would step in? Santorum - no and rambles to King's b- b- b- Bachman in the middle of the debate - Paulsen asks for blank check - she fought behind closed doors against her own party b- b-

Question to Gingrich on NASA - Gingrich says NASA is case study as to why Gov can't innovate.  If it had gone private after the moon landing we would be living there now under the private sector [not me!]

Anyone say it's essential? - Pawlenty says it can be refocused partner with private don't eliminate.
Gingrich you mischaracterized me I didn't say get out of space program get to one that works.
Romney intervenes on role of gov - Dems all wrong that gov knows what it's doing

Question on Housing underwater - Pawlenty- politicians created bubble and the mess. people devastated. Best we can do is get economy moving don't grow gov. Obama's way failed.

Paul wants to do much less much sooner. People who made the bubble made money because we kept propping it up. We are doing what we did in the depression and the Japanese. We need to clear the market [apparently let it crash deeper]

Cain - Fed gov should be doing food safety but I want to go back to housing and it's part of all the issues of the economy. entitlements etc.

FEMA question - Romney take from the feds and give to the states or better the private sector - we have to stop doing the things than we don't have to do. King - what about disaster relief? Romney ignores. Passing debts on to the kids.

This or that - Gingrich dancing with the stars or American Idol? American Idol.

[Romney starts stiff but is loosening up. Gingrich is weird. So is Bachman. And Cain. Pawlenty warming up a little but still kind of pale. Santorum is a true believer. Paul too, just different beliefs]

Paul - blackberry or iPhone? blackberry

Medicare question - Dr. Collins family practice - Baby boomer contributing how do you keep medicare solvent. Paul its not solvent and its not going to be

[Gotta go - I'll try to summarize later]
[Had to help with dinner]

Gingrich won't have Sharia law because Muslims lie because we are the enemy (to them) Romney says of course we won't have Sharia law - the Constitution already prevents that [got that one Mitt]

[My main problem was getting all tied up with "Ryan" for "Ron Paul." I get the "Paul Ryan" thing all mixed in there.]

Well, I missed the second half on foreign affairs. Ron Paul is now with John King emphasizing he is the only one against all our foreign interventions. He's right on this one. Who else will admit it?

Bachman, Romney did quite well. Pawlenty did OK but nothing great and blew his Romney attack. Cain, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul - not so good. Bachman exceeded expectations. Bachman doing well is a really good thing because it gives Palin an excuse to stay out.

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  1. (Anon/M) Michele Bachman certainly used that debate to maximum advantage, to the point that she might have eliminated Palin. But the best quote (after the fact) was a fake one: Sarah Palin, "If I decide to run, I'm gonna come ridin' in like Paul Revere at the Alamo" (Andy Borowitz Report, 6/15/11).


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