Thursday, June 30, 2011

And a Big Passionately Moderate Welcome to AnonymousD!

Or is it maybe it's "moderately passionate?" I've been agonizing about going off the grid next week to fulfill one of those volunteer obligations I'm not sure I really volunteered for. My wife has a concern as to whether I can make it without any internet. I have already survived worse, including 12 days hiking the mountains of New Mexico with eight 14-18-year-old Scouts, TEN-straight days without showers and no lakes to jump into. P.U!

Anyway, I mainly wanted to be able to have somebody approve comments to not leave people hanging for a week. So I invited my good buddy to join me as a co-administrator of this blog. This buddy is passionately moderate and Mormon (and faithful and Utahn and certainly unique) in maybe slightly different ways, but we really understand each other. And I would be really happy if AnonymousD would share some thoughts with y'all.

So, I will allow my dear friend to further describe him or herself (see the traps I lay?) I allow AnonymousD to be anonymous as possible but my buddy really needs to spark up the profile, even if it's by making stuff up!

And, for my AnonymousM friend out there, this is not the AnonymousD you would be concerned about. I'm going to start a collection of all the Anonymouses (Anonymoi? Anonymice?) out there to cover the whole alphabet!


  1. (Anon/M) There is an Anonymouse in the house? Sounds like a Dr. Seuss story. Maybe, I should become Anonysouris or something definitely more Gallic. Looking forward to another type of wit and wisdom on this site (O, please, please, say it's Middle Aged Mormon Man...I love that man to death, in a perfectly proper and chaste way, of course).

  2. Sorry, not MMM. MMM's a good guy but a little cautiously mysterious so I don't really know him in a personal way. My new AnonymousD is a good buddy and we'll just have to let it go at that to see what happens.


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