Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romney In - Sarah Becomes Huckabee

I wish I could get a message to Mitt. I would tell him that he's a great guy. I really liked him as a moderate governor of a liberal state. It was good to save the 2002 Olympics.  He made a lot of money and maybe could help our economy grow. His dad was a great guy. His family's great. He was probably a great bishop and stake president. He went to my alma mater. But Mitt, please stop embarrassing yourself!

It's official. He's running for President. And this time, instead of trying to out-macho the neo-cons on torture and war, he's trying to recast himself, and even his Massachusetts mandated health insurance in a Tenth Amendment, states' rights way to appeal to the Tea Party. While I admit that is a really good, clever argument in attempt to justify Romneycare (which was a good thing), will anybody really buy it? I think it only appeals to the theoretical states-rightists, maybe the idealistic Libertarian wing. Does anyone think he can out-tea-party the likes of Bachman and Palin?

And here she comes! In a location (Bunker Hill) in a state (Massachusetts) that has significant meaning to the three-pointed-hat crowd, and is pretty much in Romney's face (yikes!), she slams him on the mandate of Romneycare. I actually give her political credit for that masterful stroke. With Romney now official and by the numbers, money, and polling, the front-runner, they will all be taking pot-shots.

Watch closely. Palin will now assume the Huckabee role of needling Mitt. She will dog-whistle to her evangelistic wing of the Tea Party and hint at the "problem" of Mitt's religion. Mark my words.

I am slightly gleeful because this will make Palin persona non-Utah. The local Skousenite-Beckians will lose all their love and respect for her. She will be inversely popular as Mitt is around here. Just check out how much the Mitt fans of Utah like Huckabee (not much). Maybe it will help turn them off to the whole Tea Party if Bachman goes that way as well. And what's Beck himself going to do? Isn't wealthy Mitt a likely participant in the elitist-secular-socialistic-Islamic world conspiracy?

And Romney's theme that Obama is a failure? Well, there was that guy in Pakistan. . . .


  1. (Anon/M) Two days ago, the Donald said, in an interview, that he could jump back into the fray, if the Republicans tried to run a "stiff." Now, do you think he had Mitt in mind? Sounded like he did to me.

  2. @Anon/M I hadn't heard that! Hilarious! He probably does mean Mitt. I still wonder if Trump wasn't secretly helping the Dems by being so over-the-top. But then, if you ever watch him on TV (which I can't do for more than a few minutes) you realize that the carnival is always in town.


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