Thursday, July 23, 2020

Water Remembering

One shot.

It lives apart from the designated reality in which I snapped it.

Now, I designate another.

My camera was to capture the falls at end of day. At this point in the earth's cycle it does not allow the sinking sun to face the falls. Still, the light was good.

Hot, dry, dusty. No moisture in the air as the water cascaded more loudly at the canyon mouth. Then, fecundity. A rank smell of dying that begets new life. Cycle through the elementals.

Water, obvious. Air swirling with the smell. Earth, both stone and organic in the mix. And where was the fire? Well, the sun's warmth was sinking and it had been enough to warm the soil, water, and air to turn decay into delight.

No salamanders this time. Just the infusion of eternal life seed and movement. Flying.

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