Thursday, January 11, 2018

Check on My Predictions for 2017

OK, let's do this.

It's time to review the political predictions I made for 2017 now that the miserable year has ended and we're coming up on a year of trump in the White House. (By the way, my life is pretty good in other regards).

I am most happy to say that my prediction that a nuclear bomb would go off somewhere in the world did come true, but it was only a "test" by North Korea and not an attack on us or our allies. But it's not like we're still worried about that or anything.

Kim Jon Un posing as if he were watching a missile launch--or worse.
I failed in my prediction that even trump would realize that Putin is not his friend. If anyone has heard any criticism of Putin by trump, please let me know because I think he is one of the very few world figures that trump has not criticized.

Of course failing to criticize Putin may be evidence not of friendship but of something much more sinister that Special Counsel and American Hero, Robert Mueller, may soon reveal.

One of these men was an American Hero nearly 50 years ago and continues to be today.
My prediction of six scandals in the first year was overwhelmed by reality. I stopped counting at "the Mooch" long before the indictments and plea deals began. Note that I said "began." I will safely predict that there will be several more.

I know the psychological explanations of being in a thought and media bubble and refusing to allow facts to overcome belief. But for the life of me I can't understand why trump still has support in the 30s. I weep for the US of A. We don't need to be "great again" (whatever that means). Please, just make us a little more sane again.

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  1. We are prayerful that the American people will "stay woke" as the saying goes, and votes in the midterm to mitigate some of the damage being down by our present Congressional and Adminisration leaders.


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