Tuesday, August 23, 2016

An Atypical Election

To my Republican and other Anti-Obama friends:

I have heard your dire predictions that President Obama would destroy the world or at least the United States. Yet here we are nearly eight years in and it hasn't happened. I heard the same thing from many of you about President Bill Clinton. And it didn't happen. And now we hear it from you about Hillary. I don't think it's going to happen with her either.

Now, Hillary Clinton would not be my first choice for President. But she is the best option we have at the present. I know Gary Johnson, I've met him and once had a conversation with him over dinner. He's an OK guy, but I wouldn't want him for President. I'm not real excited about his history of drug use and the really nice family he had that he seems not to have any more. Jill Stein seems to be even more freaky.

Hillary is a very typical politician with some questionable baggage. And we have survived and even prospered under many such a politician as President of the United States. She is not what makes this election unusual.

Please give some attention to this video clip of Ezra Klein explaining why this election is different:


  1. I also note for the record that many of my Liberal friends thought that George W Bush might end up destroying the world or the US. That didn't happen either. Although he did do a pretty good job of messing up the Middle East.


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