Thursday, August 6, 2015

Grant V's Big Adventure

In Washington DC for a work-required conference, I had to travel to Main Interior to meet with someone on another work matter and call a Judge. So I hopped in our agency limo and headed downtown.

It wasn't really that big of an adventure as I started out at Main Interior some 30 years ago and somehow managed the commute back then. It's just that as I age, my life takes on more epic meaning and I have a Samsung S-6 to document the epicness:

Aparrently they are still working on our federal employee limo service

I still haven't  seen the Zoo. But I've always liked Adams Morgan.

Uncrowded at off-peak mid-morning. I think the guy behind me works at Langley. 

"DAMN the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"
-Admiral David Farragut, upon entering Mobile Bay, August 5, 1864.

New Executive Office Building, 17th Street, NW. I've been in here for work, I think OMB.
Although it's easily confused with its sister building on the other side of Lafayette Square that houses
 the Court of Federal Claims that I know I've been in a few times.

Old Executive Office Building, 17th and G Streets, NW. Former State, War, and Navy Building,
 now "Eisenhower Executive Office Building." It was in the bowels of this building that Nixon and the Plumbers-
well, we won't go into all that. I did want to get the suited lobbyists/lawyers/politicos behind me.
The White House is just beyond this building.

The Interior Department "Main Interior" or "MIB" 1849 C Street, NW
But this is from the North or "E" Street side where I usually have entered.
General Rawlins in a nice little park across from the "E" Street entrance to Interior.
Rawlins kept Grant sober as Diet Coke does for me.

"E" Street Entrance to Main Interior. Note the Interior Flag flying below the Stars and Stripes.
Putting my belt back on after going through the metal detector. The guard was glad to see my ID
 but not coded for this building, he had to call upstairs. When I started, there was no security
 and anybody could just walk in. Our cafeteria was frequented by the tourists. Enhanced security began
 in the 80's after the Marine Barracks bombing in Lebanon and has been enhancing ever since.

A new mural with a bit of our business propagandized - it is good business.
And the opposite wall. I think the tiles are original to the 1930's. (Secretary Ickes's WPA Palace)

Our wood and brass elevators also original (I believe).


When I do things, I do them up right. (Epicness)

On my conference call with the MSPB Judge in the Solicitor's Conference Room.
Note the pic by the flag. I think that's Zion NP in Utah.
Heading back to catch Metro at Metro Center. This is my old commute walking route
but it used to be a lot closer to the White House (South Lawn) as that security has enhanced
by multiples and public access cut off over the last three decades.
In Lincoln's day, in the midst of Civil War, you could walk up and into the front door.
This is as close as the casual pedestrian can get now to the south side.
(You can still schedule tours and go through all the security).
I used to walk on the other side along the iron fence just next to the grass. And cars used to speed along the ellipse.
I wasn't alone. Although I much prefer watching the crowds of tourists from all over the world at the Lincoln Memorial.
I guess the Obama White House is almost as good.
I used to walk the diagonal through Sherman's memorial as the most direct route.
Now you can see how we're blocked off by the southeast end of the security cordon.

And my hat goes off to the great man as one of the saviors of the Union.
I'm sorry, but "War is Hell!" And it was the price we paid to free the Slaves
and redeem our Constitution. Check out Lincoln's Second Inaugural.
"And the Wind was named . . ."

The Washington and the Willard Hotels. The Willard was fashionably restored a couple of decades ago.
The original was The Place during the Civil War years. Pennsylvania Ave. and 14th Street, NW.
The Treasury Department with Hamilton statue.
Finally, Metro Center on a greatly gentrified "G" Street.

My mom always said, "Put people in your pictures!" This may be a bit much, Mom. It was a hot and tiring day in DC, but my work is done.


  1. Finally had a chance to flick through these... I was half expecting Toby Ziegler or C.J. to walk behind you!

    1. Thanks, Colin. I'm not much of a West Wing fan, but you did oddly inspire me to go back and edit my Sherman photo.


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