Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Was Not A Cartoonist

Going through some old, personal files with bitter-sweet nostalgia (sigh), I came across some remnants of my failed career as a cartoonist. It was 1974 and my Mom had something to do with the ward newsletter. That was the Rock Springs Second Ward (We might have still been in the Green River Stake but then we were Rock Springs, Wyoming, before I left on my mission - my freshman year at BYU was my first escape).  And to prove I am not a total Grinch, the last is a pleasant Christmas celebration.

Enjoy! (or just click somewhere else):

Please note that these are scans of mimeographs. If you don't know what that is, you now have Google to find out because you dagnab kids are so smart!

Once I had made Norman happy, I didn't know what else to do with him.

The elves hold up quite well over the years.
Not sure why I misspelled "Mormon." I had spelled it right in episode I (I did have my problems with "macaroni," though.) Was I trying to be ironic? Was it an artistic lapse? No idea. 

That's all I have. I wonder if those ward newsletters were saved in the Church History Library. I'll have to check the catalog.

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