Vaughan Chron - Wales to USA - 1732-1888

Direct-line Vaughan Chronology
Wales to Arrival in US 1888

Elizabeth Powel wife of Roger Vaughan born (from grave marker in Glasbury, Radnorshire). GPT, LRBT
Glasbury was in both the counties of Breconshire and Radnorshire, the Wye River running through the town. We believe the Vaughans were on the Breconshire side for the most part. Now, both ancient counties are part of Powys. 
Roger Vaughan born (from grave marker) GPT

Roger Vaughan & Elizabeth Powel married in Llowes, Radnorshire. LRBT

Margaret daughter of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Llowes. LRBT

Philip son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

Thomas son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

Roger son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

Joanna daughter of Roger & Eliz. Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

William son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

William son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan buried. Glasbury. GBT

William son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

William son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan buried Glasbury. GBT

William son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT
Glasbury Census 1841 shows a William Vaughan, butcher, age 70, Thotner [?] Cottage, born in Radnorshire. In 1851 he was a pauper, formerly a butcher, born in Glasbury, lived at Hewlegore (Heol-y-gaer), age 81, daughter, Jane Philips, Widow, 53, dressmaker, born Glasbury. Jane connects as daughter of William. Is Uncle William possible link to nephew John 1789 becoming a butcher?
Walter son of Roger & Elizabeth Vaughan chrst. Glasbury. GBT

Elinor daughter of John & Katherine Jenkins born in Stow, Herefordshire. Chrst. 8 Aug. 1784 in Whitney, Herefordshire. WPR, 1851 Census, Llanfoist.

Thomas Vaughan illegitimate son of Joanna Vaughan chrst. in Hay, Breconshire. HPR

Thomas Vaughan son of Hannah Vaughan buried in Cusop, Herefordshire. CBT

John Vaughan illegitimate son of Hannah Vaughan chrst. in Hay. HBT, HPR

“That Roger Vaughan and daughter be allow’d 9d [pence] p. week towards the maintaining of her bastard child on account of the tailor who is now in gaol.” HVM
Checking additional sources to determine if this is Rees Price, tailor of Glasbury.
Roger Vaughan, Glasbury, Breconshire. Provided bond for Flax Bounty. BQS

Roger Vaughan allowed £1.1.0 flax bounty. BQS

Roger Vaughan, Glasbury, Breconshire. Flax Bounty. Identified as yeoman. “bound in the sum of £5 5s. Claim for £1.1.0 bounty” BQS & JLE

Paid Roger Vaughan 2 weeks 4s. Paid Roger Vaughan 3 weeks 3s. (Poor Rates) GOA

"For y keep and trouble for Roger Vaughan and family from 14-24 February £1.10s 0d." GOA

Roger Vaughan wife’s maintenance 6s. For keeping Roger Vaughan’s family 7 days £1.1s 0d. GOA

Paid necessity [necessaries] for Roger Vaughan junior [age 35 from christening] 11s. Paid necessity for Roger Vaughan senior 6s. Paid Roger Vaughan 26 weeks 10s per week. Paid Roger Vaughan a bushel of wheat flour 7s 9d. Paid Roger Vaughan 2s 6d to buy a bag of coal. Ordered the overseer to give to Roger Vaughan 2s 6d for a bag of coal. GOA

Sarah Vaughan dghtr of Johanna Vaughan, single, bptzd. Glasbury. GBT

Roger Vaughan buried Glasbury. GBT & GPT
Any more poor assistance in GOA?
Elizabeth Vaughan age 71 died. On Glasbury grave marker with spouse Roger Vaughan, age 63, died July 11, 1797. Residence appears to have been Heol-y-gâr. GPT

Elizabeth Vaughan buried Glasbury. GBT

John Vaughan & Elinor Jenkins married, Hay (signatures “by mark”) HBT, HPR (But actual signatures on HPR)

William Vaughan, chrst., son of John & Eleanor Vaughan, Hay. HBT

Samuel Vaughan, chrst., son of John Vaughan & Elinor, Butcher, Cusop Green, Herefordshire. CPR

Eleanor Vaughan, chrst., daughter of John Vaughan & Eleanor, Labourer, Cusop. CPR [Married William Watkins moved to Glasbury. Censuses JVA]

Catherine Vaughan, chrst., daughter of John Vaughan & Eleanor, Butcher, Hay. HBT

William Vaughan son of John & Eleanor Vaughan buried Hay. HBT

John, chrst., son of John & Catherine [Elinor] Vaughan, Butcher, Hay. HBT, HPR
We believe Catherine Vaughan is actually Catherine Jenkins mixed up with Elinor Jenkins on the HPR who is actually Elinor Vaughan, the right mother for our John (two Johns) on the same day, one after the other, in the Parish Register. There is documented history of the negligence of Vicar and Curate. (Fairs). Jennifer Lewis, Powy Archives Researcher, agrees with interpretation. See GLV for additional explanation and sources.
Maranah Watkins born. AF

Maranah Watkins, chrst. daughter of William & Esther Watkins Penhros, Monmouthshire

Jane Vaughan, chrst., daughter of John & Elinor Vaughan, Butcher, Hay. HBT

William Vaughan, chrst., son of John & Elinor Vaughan, Butcher, Hay. HBT

John Vaughan Butcher Poultry Market. PCD

Mary Ann born in Monmouthshire daughter of John & Eleanor Vaughan
From 1841 Census. Could have been a grandchild of John and Eleanor based on Eleanor’s age.
Llanfoist, Monmouthshire Census, John Vaughan 45 Butcher, Elinor 50 wife, Catherine 19, John 16 Ag. lab., Jane 14, William 11 Ag. Lab., Mary Ann 4. Only last born in Co.

Maranna Watkins, 15, servant, in Llantilio Crosseny, Monmouthshire Census.
Household of Mary Powell, 65, Farmer at the “Park.” There is a Mary Watkins, age 70, widow, living in the “Cottage.” Mary is a possible grandmother of Maranah?
"Elinor Vaun" baptized in to LDS Church in Llanfoist by Elder John Needham. JNJ

1842-02-02 "Sister Vaun" baptized in Llanfoist by Elder John Needham [likely Catherine Vaughan at age 20, daughter of John & Eleanor Vaughan]. JNJ

Elizabeth Vaughan? Daughter of Maranah & John? Illegitimate? Born Penhros, Monmouthshire. [extrapolated from 1861 Census]

John Vaughan, full age, bachelor, Labourer, father John Vaughan Butcher married in Llanfoist Maranah Watkins, full age, spinster, servant, father William Watkins Labourer. GRO

George John Vaughan born Abersychan, Monmouthshire son of John Vaughan Pudler (likely at Blaenavon) & Maranah Vaughan formerly Watkins. GRO

Birth of Thomas Vaughan son of John Vaughan Labourer & Maranah, Llanfoist. GRO

Llanfoist, Monmouthshire, John Vaughan 69 Drover born Hay, Breconshire. Eleanor Vaughan 68 wife born Stow, Herefordshire. Catherine Delahay, dghtr, widow, 29, seamstress, born Hay, Breconshire. William Vaughan son 21 Puddler at forge, born Hay, Breconshire. John Williams, lodger, 28, unmarried, woodcutter, born Clyro, Radnorshire. LMC

[separate household] John Vaughan, 25, Lab. on canal wharf, born Hay, Breconshire. Maranah Vaughan, wife, 25, born Penrs, Monmouthshire. George Vaughan son, 3, born Abersych. Thomas Vaughan, son, 1, born Llanfoist.

John Vaughan death certificate, 65. GRO

John Vaughn, 65, buried Llanfoist, Monmouthshire. LBT – St. Faiths Church plot D-19 “In memory of John Vaughan who died May 22, 1851, age 63” headstone missing. JVA

William Vaughan, chrst., son of John & Maranah Vaughan, Llanfoist. LPR

Ellenor born daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan, Pudler, Llanfoist. GRO

Ellenor chrst., born daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan, Pudler, Llanfoist. LPR

William Vaughan buried, son of John & Maranah Vaughan. LPR

Ellenor Vaughan buried, daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan. LPR

William born son of John & Maranah Vaughan, Puddler, Pontypool, Trevethin, Monmouthshire. GRO

Eleanor Vaughan from residence in Aberychan, Monmouthshire, embarks on the Enoch Train in Liverpool arriving in Boston, May 1, 1856. MII.

Eleanor Vaughan arrives by handcart (Ellsworth Co.) in Salt Lake Valley leaving Iowa City on June 9, 1856. POT.

Samuel Vaughan, born, son of John & Maranah Vaughan, Waynes Row, Victoria, Monmouthshire. GRO, JVA

Bedwellty Monmouthshire Census. 24 Augustus Street. John Vaughan 34. Iron Puddler, born Brecon, Hay. Maranah wife, 33, born Monmouth, Penrose. Elizabeth, daughter, 17, born Monmouth, Penrose. George, son, 14, Iron Puddler, born British Woods [NW of Abersychan]. Thomas, son, 12, Iron Puddler, born Llanfoist. William, son, 5, Scholar, born Monmouth, Cwmbran. Samuel, son, 1, born Monmouth, Victoria.

Betsey Vaughan born, daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan. AF [other documentation not found].

Martha Maranah daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan, Puddler at Ironworks, Witton Park, Escomb, Durham. GRO.

Emily daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan, Puddler in Ironworks, Agnes Street, Stockton, Durham. GRO

Jane Ann born, daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan, Puddler, 62 King Street, Witton Park, Durham. GRO

Emily Vaughan died, daughter of John & Maranah Vaughan, King Street, Witton Park, Durham. GRO, JVA

John Vaughan left? or died?
John may have joined the LDS church but was later “cut off.” Check LDS Witton Park and Stockton Branch Records, JVA. Willie Lorenzo Vaughn told Gus Vaughan (son of George Robert Vaughan) that John left Maranah and family, came to America and had other children. He must have had some contact with the family in Ogden because years later, two of his daughters from the second marriage, visited Uncle Ren [William Lorenzo Vaughan?]. One of them was Martha Wellington from Walla Walla, Washington. The other lived somewhere back east. JVA.
Maranah Vaughan, 35 [?], widow [?], father William Watkins (deceased) labourer, married John Lloyd, 34, Bachelor, Mechanical Engineer in Witton Park, Durham. GRO

1871-04-02 35
King Street, Escombe, Witton Park, Durham, England Census. John Lloyd, 34, Puddler, Maranah, 37, wife, born Monmouthshire, Penrose. William Vaughan, stepson, 15, Puddler, Monmouthshire, Combrain [Cwmbran]. Jane A. Vaughan, stepdaughter, 3, Durham, Escombe. Benjamin Davis, boarder, 30, Puddler, born Monmouthshire, Combran.

William Williams, 34 years, bachelor, Shingler in Ironworks of Joseph Street, Stockton, Durham, father David Williams (Deceased) married Maranah Lloyd, 38, widow, of Portrack Lane, Stockton, father William WatkinsWatkins (deceased) Labourer.

Thomas Vaughan age 20, bachelor, Puddler, father John Vaughan Puddler, married Isabella Bowman, age 18, spinster, father Hugh Bowman (deceased) coal miner. Residence Blue Row, Bishop Aukland, Durham. GRO

Emily Vaughan born, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, Darlington, Durham, England. GRO, JVA

Elizabeth Jane Vaughan born, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, Darlington, Durham. NFS

Ellen Vaughan born & died, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham. AF

Emily & Elizabeth Jane Vaughan blessed, daughters of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan in LDS Stockton Branch by Thomas Mitchell (Emily) and Reese Williams (Elizabeth). JVA [first recorded family association with LDS Church].

Census. 45 King Street, Witton Park, Escombe, Durham. William Williams, 44, Pudler Iron Works, born Breckon, Wales. Markanah [Maranah] wife, 54, Pudler Iron Works wife, born Monmouth. Wales. Jane A. Vaughan, stepdaughter, 15, domestic serv., born Durham, Witton.

Mary Maranah (Polly) Vaughan born, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, 2 Chittons Building, Cockerton, Darlington, Durham.

Mary Maranah Vaughan died, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, Boyne Street, Cockerton, Darlington, Durham. GRO, JVA

Stillborn daughter twin & John Thomas Vaughan born, son of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, Darlington, Durham. GRO, JVA

Thomas Vaughan LDS Baptism. NFS

Thomas Vaughan active in Stockton LDS Branch Priesthood leadership. SBR

Isabella Bowman Vaughan LDS Baptism. AF

Maranah Watkins Vaughan Lloyd Williams LDS Baptism. AF
Maranah cut off from church. Rebaptized 10 Oct. 1894 Stockton Branch by George H. Hislop, conf. by John W. Chambers. [ JVA film #87,034]. 1901 Census. Thornaby on Tees, Durham, wife, 75 [1826]. 1904 Death Certificate age 78 [1826].
Willie Vaughan (b. 1830) arrives in New York, NY on the S.S. Nevada. MII

Thomas Vaughan ordained a Priest in LDS Witton Park Branch. JVA

Martha Maranah Vaughan born, daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan, Witton Park, Durham. GRO, JVA

Thomas Vaughan ordained an Elder in LDS Witton Park Branch. JVA

Elizabeth Jane Vaughan daughter of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan LDS Baptized On 8th Birthday. AF

Thomas Vaughan Maranah, his mother, active in Stockton Branch Mutual Improvement Association. SBR

George Robert Vaughan, son of Thomas & Isabella Vaughan born, Witton Park, Durham, England. NFS

Thomas Vaughan departs Liverpool on the S.S. Nevada arrives in New York, NY 1886-06-01. MII

Alice Isabella Vaughan, age 29, wife. Emily Vaughan, age 11, child. Elizabeth J. Vaughan, age 4, child. John T. Vaughan, age 3, child. Maranah Vaughan, age 2, child. George Vaughan, age infant. Leave Liverpool on the S.S. Nevada. Arrive in New York, NY 1887-04-28. MII

George John Vaughan (1847) arrives in New York, NY on the S.S. Wyoming.

1st (my  6th Great Grandparents)
2nd (my 5th Great Grandparents)
3rd (my  4th Great Grandparents)
4th (my  3rd Great Grandparents)
5th (my 2nd Great Grandparents)
6th (my Great Grandfather)

AF                   Ancestral File – LDS
BQS                Breconshire Quarter Sessions Order Book
CBT                Cusop Bishops Transcripts
CPR                Cusop, Herefordshire Parish Register
GBT                Glasbury Bishops Transcripts
GLV                Grant Larry Vaughn
GOA               Glasbury Overseers Accounts and Poor Rate Book
GPT                Glasbury Parish Records (Transcribed)
GRO               General Register Office
HBT                Hay Bishops Transcripts
HPR                Hay Parish Register
HVM               Hay Vestry Minutes
JNJ                  John Needham Journal LDS CHL
JVA                 [cousin]
JLE                  Jennifer Lewis Emails (Powys Archives Researcher)
LBT                 Llanfoist Bishops Transcripts
LPR                 Llanfoist Parish Register
LRBT               Llowes Bishiops Transcripts
MII                  Mormon Immigration Index
NFS                 New Family Search - LDS
PCD                Pigott & Co. Directory
POT                Mormon Pioneer Overland Trail database
SBR                Stockton LDS Branch, British Mission Records
WPR               Whitney, Herefordshire Parish Register


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