Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wyoming Wildlife

Not at all comprehensive, but pretty good for a 24-hour period.

We take a break from politics, religion, and history to share the wildlife photos taken while I was up in Wyoming for the eclipse.

The fist entry is not biologically even if legally "wild." They are feral horses, not wild except as decreed by Congress (with all wisdom abounding). Yes, the Mustangs of the True West:

Next, on a slightly smaller scale, this cute, little horned toad:

And while we're on cute, who can resist bunnies. I think they're cottontails with wonderful habitat around Independence Rock and the Sweetwater:

I call this one, Independence Pete, because he's sitting on the dang rock.

Birds of prey were a theme in the early morning looking over the Sweetwater.

The first is a buzzard:

Who proceeded to show off his wing-span almost convincing me he was a condor:

Then there was this one. I think it is a Swainson's Hawk. If anyone as any better ID for me, let me know:

To close it out, it wouldn't be Wyoming without the Antelope:

You'd almost think Monday was a big tourist day or something.

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