Monday, May 15, 2017

A New Quest for the Welsh, Frond Finial

The roofers finished this morning. It's now lunch-time and I'm at home. The new roof looks great!

We really like the color as it is close to Welsh slate with a slight greenish tone.

Here's what we were going for:

Above is the view from out our garret window in the BYU House where we lived in the Cathays District of Cardiff for a month last summer. You can see the slate roofs and there is a special detail I would like to add to the house.

This next one is a zoom in on the roof crests across the street. Google has identified the item as a frond roof finial and apparently, you can still find these.

The website I found says they are ceramic, which makes sense. I first thought they might be rusted cast iron based on the Victorian industries around South Wales.

As I don't think I'm going to make it to Wales this summer, I'm going to ask my BYU professors to keep an eye out in antique shops or architectural salvage yards for one of these. It would fit in in a carry-on backpack. (Come on, guys!)

I have three peaks on my roof that could host one of these. The holy grail would be a piece like this:

Oh, yeah! That would most definitely fulfill the quest!

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