Monday, September 26, 2016

Trump Didn't Pay Any Taxes!

He says that makes him smart.

I pay taxes, so I must be pretty dumb.

The Clintons pay taxes. They've released years of tax returns. The Obamas pay taxes. The Bushes pay taxes. Even wealthy businessman, Mitt Romney, contrary to the false assertions of Harry Reid, paid taxes. Are they all dumber than Donald Trump?

Trump says he can't release his taxes because he's under audit. The IRS says an audit does not prevent the release of taxes. Donald Trump, Jr. says a release of such massive amounts of paperwork would be a distraction at this stage of the campaign. None of this makes any sense.

It's good Trump is under audit because if he's cheating, he out to be caught and be held accountable under the law. If he's not paying because he's so "smart" and can manipulate the system legally to prevent taxes on his multi-million income from his alleged billions of net worth, then something is seriously wrong with our tax code. Billionaires should not be able to get out of paying taxes.

Liberal answers to national debt and spending for infrastructure and education are to come from taxing the wealthiest among us who have benefited the most from our economy and all our existing infrastructure and educated workers. That's called paying their fair share. How in the world can their "fair share" be . . . nothing? No wonder the nation is in debt if more billionaires like Trump are getting away with paying nothing! This, while the middle class is trapped in a slow recovery with meager wage growth while still paying the tax burden of the nation!

It's about time for a call to the barricades. I'm pretty sure Trump could do without a couple of his gold-plated toilets to help pay his "fair share" of government expenditure and debt that he benefits from like any other American. In fact, he benefits more for all that infrastructure propping up his properties. I mean even his golden toilets have to hook into some government-funded sewage system that has to comply with a lot of federal health standards.

But vote for him if you think he's so smart and has the "stamina" and "temperament" to be President. I wouldn't vote him in for dog catcher.

What? Him worry?
Later, same evening:
A reputable fact-checker says that Clinton was "mostly false" in her statement about Trump's taxes. There were five returns given to the state gambling authority, none of which have been made public. According to the state reports, Trump paid taxed in three of those years but did not in two of them.

While Clinton's representation was false, that does not change the fact that Trump was proud of being "smart" not to pay federal taxes. My blog piece stands. Clearly, Clinton was trying to goad him and that part, at least, worked.

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