Thursday, September 29, 2016

In Recovery from Walking Pneumonia

Hello, Codeine, my old friend
You're here to cure my lungs again
because the doctor said I've got the grip
That pneumonia let my lungs to slip

And the yellow crud is alive in my mucus cough
work is off
and I'm home in silence . . .

Rarely do I take the meds
that get into people's heads
But I've heard they make you rhyme so fine
Creative juices are all mine to whine

And the sleeping is a window to my inner soul
whack a mole
and I've got the license.

People say I'm Democrat
Like to do drugs, this or that
But I only take them when I'm sick
When the doctor tells me it's his pick.

And I'm grateful for the health care at my work
Trump's a jerk
I much prefer the silence.

Hillary is not so bad
Much more good than most we've had
There've been many that were so much worse
Shouldn't hate her cuz she has a purse

And the visions that Republicans have a blast
are all past
their white base, off-balance.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's a good things you don't do drugs normally dad... But good rhyming.


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