Saturday, October 3, 2015

LDS General Conference, October 2015

No live-blogging this conference. Please watch live here on YouTube, or live or recorded on here.

I will provide some updates here with commentary.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said that three new Apostles would be called and sustained this conference, but apparently not right away.
President Uchtdorf has already stolen the show with his talk on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it works in its simplicity. He talked about a medical procedure he had and how he went online on the internet to second-guess his doctors. On my last visit to my Neurologist, she said the same thing - "Don't look on the internet for medical advice because it will make you crazy." Absolutely true!!

Elder M. Russell Ballard just quoted the Proclamation on the Family with regard to child abuse and fulfilling covenants and family obligations. Yeah. That.

The old ship Zion [i.e., the church] is a vessel that takes us to the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

New Apostles:
Ronald A. Rasband
Gary E. Stevenson
Dale G. Renlund

None from outside the US as most all were speculating. I had speculated on Elder Rasband.

Even through the Priesthood Session, there is a strong message on Faith and those who lose Faith. President Uchtdorf talked about pulling the plug on the searchlight and then complaining there is no light. If only the light (i.e., God) would reveal itself, then you would be able to see.

President Henry B. Eyring talked about an ancestor called to a mission soon after conversion and the responsibilities given as an exercise of simple Faith.

President Thomas S. Monson gave a very animated talk on commandments and repentance at the end of a shortened Priesthood Session. (about one hour, 45 minutes).

I just read a Meridian article about Ruth Lybert Renlund, wife of new Apostle, Dale G. Renlund. She was only able to have one child. Went to Law School, University of Maryland 1986. I was in the class just ahead of her but we never met that I can remember. That's weird.

Sunday Morning:
President Monson gave a good talk about being a light to the world and a good example. He was less animated than last night. At the end, he even seemed to slump on the podium and his last few words of testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ were difficult. What an example of service.

The testimonies of the three new apostles were powerful and humble. The last, Elder Renlund seemed especially so. There is a kinship in his Baltimore experience with ours. Contemporaneous in time but in slightly different circles. We lived in the Catonsville Ward for five years while in three different homes. But we were shuffled in three different stakes during that time. The Renlunds were likely in the Baltimore Stake as we were shuffled from Baltimore to Columbia to (oddly) the Seneca Stake.

Congregation singing "How Firm a Foundation." During the immediately preceding "Music and the Spoken Word," there was an organ solo of the same hymn. And even with congregation singing, the hymn skips to the end with the seventh verse in that the Soul that on Jesus hath leaned for repose, the Lord will never, never, never, never, no never forsake.

President Russel M. Nelson paid tribute to the apostles who have passed on. Then gives tribute to "covenant women."

Sunday Afternoon:
Devin G. Durrant spoke. He was a famous guy some 30 years ago.

Didn't speak in like thirty years ago?

Yeah. [not-to-be-confused-with-Kevin-Durrant] He was a big BYU basketball star. He took a couple of years off to go on a Spanish speaking mission (Madrid) and was in the Missionary Training Center with my brother who went to Argentina. And, Enid is right. He spoke in the Priesthood Session in April 1984 "Missions - Only You Can Decide". He had a short NBA career with the Indians Pacers and Phoenix Suns.

Elder Koichi Iaigi (I hope I got that right) my boy who was just in Japan met him a couple of times.

I'm getting the idea that they gave up on the native-language speaking in General Conference. The good intentions may have failed with the challenges of simultaneous translation into English. Although they do that for other-language viewers, maybe there were too many complaints from those sitting on couches. I was disappointed not to hear the original languages because the lagging, English voice-over took the audio dominance.

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