Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Orienting/Indexing the Tithing Maps of Wales, 1843

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New tithe maps website
I just did the coolest thing!

The Welsh National Archives are asking for our help to index and orient the tithe maps of Wales from the 1840s! I was able to locate several data points that matched a modern Ordnance Survey map with the 1843 Tithe map for Llanfoist, Monmouthshire! (By the way, I also learned that Welsh spelling for Llanfoist is Llanffwyst. It makes a difference.) You can see my work here. Click on "visualize" and you will see the overlay based on my data points.

For my own family history purposes, I found John Vaughan "and others" at lot no. 44 on the tithe map. I'm assuming that relates to the "No. of House-holder's Schedule" in the first column of the 1851 Census (if not, that's a real weird coincidence that they're both 44). And get this--the name of the historical cottage that is on that lot is "Chapel House!"

I've been googling "Chapel House" in Llanfoist (and Llanffwyst) and can't come up with much information except that the owner was denied a permit to build a bungalow behind the house on part of the lot because of car access difficulties and because a modern bungalow would be "incongruous and over-assertive" in what is an otherwise "traditional and attractive" visual. The current owner lost the appeal, too. But it does give me an address to write to about the house.

I don't know why it's called "Chapel House." It's not that close to the Church. Another, more well-known "Chapel House" in the town of Monmouth was a secret Catholic meeting place. Maybe it was the same in Llanfoist. Or - could it have anything to do with a Mormon meeting place after Elinor was baptized in 1841 and likely lived there at least through 1851? I dunno.

Chapel House and Chapel Cottage (the Cottage appears to be a later addition), The Cutting (Road), Llanfoist, Monmouthshire.

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