Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Live-Blogging the State of the Union

[Now that I have a little more experience in managing my blogging, I am consolidating these posts on my live-blogging the State of the Union, Tuesday, January 25, 2011.]

I'm already 3 points up.  Justice Alito won't be there, Dems and Repubs are sitting together, and Daniel Hernandez will be sitting with the First Lady!

We're going to give live-blogging a try.  No one may care, but here goes!

Here's hoping Paul Ryan can be as entertaining as Governors McDonnell and Jindal have been in past years because heaven knows Michell Bachman will be when the Tea Party response comes on!

Chris Matthews is being a little unfair to Michelle Bachman not understanding history.  She referenced John Quincy Adams who really was an advocate against slavery, even if it was his dad who was the actual founding father.  But then she really is pretty wrong about the founders abolishing slavery unless you buy the Lincoln argument that they laid the framework the country could build on four score and seven later.

I switched to CNN because I don't really like Lawrence O'Donnell.  Maybe someday I'll explain that.  But if you need an example of a smug liberal, he might be it.

Watching PBS Newshour now because there are no commercials.  Some Repub (Sen Mark Kirk, ) is talking about trillions of $$ of deficit. Apparently that all-of-a-sudden become a problem when it wasn't at all from 2003-2008.

We're a long ways from Greece's situation.

Wolf Blitzer's excited because they're getting ready to walk in to the House chamber.  but apparently there's enough time for a commercial.  Is comedy central broadcasting it?  Apparently not

huggy huggy.  "Different vibe"  (CNN's Dana Bash)

I mean the hugging isn't new but the bi-vibe is.

Is Wolf going to start doing holograms?  Some sort of floating graphic is up now with the other guy.

Gergen says not many specifics in either speech.  (They now have the texts)  That's disappointing.  But what about exciting stuff?  Gergen is not usually a bearer of anything exciting.

Michelle's in looking very dignified in light gray  (what am I? some fashion expert?)

Chris Matthews won't let go of Michelle Bachman and the history of slavery.

had to take a break to pay Davis Co. School fees for my two boys.  Why don't they just raise property taxes jut a little?  Well, that's for another day.

President starts with Compliments to the Republican House and acknowledged Giffords.  Robust Democracy.  Hernandez (seen) and Tucson remind us of something greater.  "Every point of view" still "one people"

governing is a shared responsibility among parties - the people have spoken  (I swear the President is happy to work with a House of a different party to prove his ideals - compromise).  "Light to the World"  Exceptional-ism anyone?

Kyl and McConnell are sitting together.  Don't they have any Dem friends?

Job for life has changed - painful.  switching to education and investment in technologies to compete as a challenge.  America is still most prosperous and we all know it - and applaud.

American Idea - shape own destiny (Isn't that exceptionalism?)

innovate and educate.  How?  encourage innovation.

Does Boehner have to look so sour?

Facebook - one person applauds (How's that Hans?)

Sputnik!!  (my almost nickname - I shouldn't have said that - I was a baby then - thank you Grandma for cutting that off)

research and development -  And it is nice not to see competing jack-in-the-box applause crowds. reinvent ourselves as we have for 200 years - more electric vehicles (but where are the flying cars??)

2085 - 80% clean energy. Hmm.  Hardly a "man on the moon" moment.

Win the Future is the theme.  Science Fair = Superbowl.  That's a good line.  School reform is coming - not just money.  But race to the top is a money prize?

Biden is trying too hard.  Boehner still looks like he's going to lose his stomach.

science, engineering, math - Your country needs you to be a teacher (hear that, Anne?)

Make permanent the tuition tax credit.  That helps.

Cathy Crock - "that's me!!"  but it was sweet.

Kerry, McCain, Udall (Tom) sitting together - ya gotta admit, that is kinda cool

immigration policy "makes no sense"  enforce borders, laws, address those in shadows

So there are 3 steps to winning the future - education, innovation and infrastructure - did I get it?  They all cost money.  But they also create wealth.  redouble efforts?  Stimulus?  Republicans will love that.

Pat down humor.  98% get high speed internet (who are those 2% that don't get it?)

result is business and jobs - but barriers are lobbyists and tax code - simplify tax system in order to lower corporate tax rate without costing more - well, that gets the Repubs up.

talking business for Repubs and safeguards for Dems.  Safe food, air and water, speed limits, child labor laws, credit card regs, health reform - and the Dems have to rise and cheer - borderline unseemly
But the Prez lightens the mood with a backhand to the Repubs - fix the small business bookkeeping burden!!! (bipartisan) but the pre-existing condition thing only excites Dems?

Don't refight but fix and move forward.  The Repub House isn't happy with that.  How many Repubs in the Senate?  There lies the key.

debt talk and the Prez's admission of un-sustainability.  Proposal is 5-year freeze - no one (but Biden) applauds

Appeal to Eisenhower (interesting) -  reference to hard working fed employee freeze (well, better than being the enemy)

and the Prez gives them tort reform (but he tried that last year)

No whims of privatization.  No tax cut for wealthiest 2% - I'm not sure if Ryan will throw in that part of his plan tonight.  Simplify individual tax code something else they can all work on.
"Principled compromise" that is a nice term.

Interior Department and Commerce competing jurisdictions over salmon (that's true)  But we get along with the NOAA people pretty well

put government on-line (we've been trying)
pandering on the earmarks and McCain stands up (Biden laughs)

Iraq - leaving with heads held high (told ya) out of Iraq - commitment kept - yep. finally, a humble foreign policy.

American Muslims are a part of our family and Boehner has to clap.

Afghanistan - trying to make it sound good - "Enduring partnership" doesn't sound good but "transitioning" does.

Beginning to w/draw in July - no surprise there.

Yeah - Repubs and Dems on new START Treaty (that was a coup - you have to admit)

International cooperation.  Ya have to admit it's improved.

Standing with Tunisia and "democratic aspirations of ALL people"  apparently Egyptians without having to mention them - yikes.  We'll see.

Everybody stands for the Troops.  But it costs $$ too.  and Boehner doesn't like gays.  But all colleges should like the military now.

frustrating democracy - back to 'merican exceptionalism.
Constitution - This is the place you can make it if you try.  On to the Dream and it's apparently Biden's and Boehner's - he's gonna cry

I think that may have just done it.  He made Boehner cry.  And I mean that in a good way.

We rescued Chileans.  (Plan B)  Brandon is a good guy.

destiny is our choice.

It did not surpass Tucson, but it made Boehner cry and I think that's the big thing tonight.  There's sort of a theme in the right place.  He's short on specifics so it's a little underwhelming but - he is putting a lot of burden on Repubs.  He has the themes. He's willing to compromise but he's the adult in the room to help all work it out.

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