Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tea Party Response Response

Is CNN really the only network broadcasting Bachman?

Tea party "a force for good"  well, that's debatable.  Isn't she leaving something out of her chart, like the crash of 2008?  The stimulus spending wasn't "unlike anything we've seen before".  She's a little over the top and she's outright lying about the IRS police coming to get you.  But ya know what?  She's beating down Palin.  She knows a few things even if they're wrong.  And she's a little unrealistic (a little?) expecting the Prez to repeal health care.  And she is tripping over words - I admit, that's a little petty on my part but she's all eyes are on the teleprompter.  Her eyes are glazed, frozen, and off camera.  That is a little weird. "Iwo Jimmah?"  The slide show isn't helping.

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