Sunday, July 4, 2021


It seems important to state today if only to reassure my few readers, much less myself, that I still believe in God and in the United States of America. This is true even if I go to church today without a blazingly bold tie in red, white, and blue. I'm thinking of the one my Dad gave me some time ago with the Frank Lloyd Wright designs on it. That's a more subtle homage to the American Spirit as well as his Welsh ancestry.

This morning in Welsh scripture study, I was reading Ail Lyfr Nephi, Pennod 2, highly appropriate as I wrote down the words for "Freedom" at the top of the page. You can see my "seer stone" but it's only to hold down the pages in the official Welsh translation still recognized by the Church even if it dates to 1852. I keep track of where I am by marking the verses which came much later in the English editions. The chapters are all off too. Anyway, the meaning comes home in a new way when I read in a new language because I have to concentrate on the words in both languages to get an understanding of what is being said.

This is really a great help in learning Cymraeg. Reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese helped me learn that language to teach in it some forty-plus years ago (45! counting back). And it seems to be working for Welsh. 

My BYU Welsh professors had warned me that the language is archaic which makes sense as the translator, John Sylvanus Davis (1822-1882), would have followed the old language style of the Welsh Bible. I get the idea that archaic Welsh just uses a few more vowels and syllables thrown in here and there. I am going to need this when I get to reading the medieval englynion and other heroic writings in Cymraeg. And it does help solidify some fluency with the modern, spoken language. (I actually need what is in between, the written Welsh of serious History).

So on this patriotic, early morning with the sunrise's red glare, nothing bursting in my air, I was struck by the words: "Rhyddion, Rhyddid" "Freedom!" Not to do whatever the uffern I want, but to act and not be acted upon until judgment day when I know the Grace of the Great Mediator of All Mankind is sufficient for even me.

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