Friday, November 1, 2019

Missionary Update, All Saints Day, The Grail Quest Fulfilled

Yes, I couldn't be happier with my senior service missionary experience. The Church History Library is amazing! I was trained on document delivery which I won't go into as we're all behind security barriers. I can assure you that everything is very well protected to the max. I agree there should be more and easier access to all, but I'm not in charge and I will attempt my long-suffering persuasion to the extent that I can.

It is the greatest joy that two themes in my life have merged and I find myself viewing the Grail after traversing the wasteland of my legal career. I'm finishing up Joseph Campbell's Romance of the Grail and all things become interrelated in his mythic synergy. Outside of his book, I still make connections as I near the Nirvana of the Ten Steps of the Bull. Here, I am at step 7. The Bull Transcended (Bull Forgotten, Self Alone).

And I am not alone. My life-partner and eternal spouse is with me. She even agreed to go away on Halloween so I didn't have to keep answering the door (we live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids). We saw a movie instead, The Current War, which was very good! The electricity still charges and we go on to the eternities with our cosmic balance of ying-yang, female-male, etc., etc.

With the Grail in sight, I can relax and feel the healing of the wasteland. Here's Joseph Campbell:
Modern questers for secrets of the grail swarm along a well worn route, and battle their way through the multitude around them. As a consequence off their impassioned activities grail questing has retained much of its ancient, perilous character, and the highway to the dim vessel had been rendered almost impassable.
Almost, and not completely impassable.

I am entering a happy and joyous phase of my life. Here's a public sample of the work that I have been doing. It all wraps up in one great whole in the Early LDS Missionary database.


For the record, Eliezer was in the system and I added the early Welsh Mission part and the last four sources, two of which have links to enjoy.


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