Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mission No. 2: Downtown Charlie Brown, Episode 1

There is still a more spiritual, sacred journal that I keep although not very often. Here I can share my general observations and experiences.

This borders on the weirdly spiritual, but my group of nine in orientation this morning gave me that feeling that I knew them already. I don't even think that I'll be with them that long as we will likely be assigned different duties. It gave me memories of my LTM District, a few of them have been a part of my life for many years. All of them are in my thoughts. This new group may become something similar. We were about equally divided between men and women. Most had lost their spouse. Mine is still teaching school and not ready to retire.

Several of them were from South Davis County. One old guy was deliberately bringing up the rear as they led us around the 3rd floor of the Joseph Smith Building that serves as the Mission Office for the Temple Square Mission or whatever it is I'm in. I asked if he had been a Scout leader, a pretty safe guess, but I noted how I too liked to be in the rear as the sweep to make sure we didn't lose any Scouts. Another guy had to shave his beard for the mission. He has played Santa in a Hallmark movie. I have no idea which of hundreds it could be. My wife will Google the Davis County Clipper to see if he comes up for that.

It feels good to not be attached 24/7 to a companion or two. I was in a trio for all the time I was in the LTM. I had been looking forward to serving a mission with my own wife. I think we could get along better than randomly assigned male companions. Well, in those old days, we were alphabetically assigned. With three left after the first six were paired off, the guy who's name began with T and the one with W were left with me the V in the middle. My wife, however, isn't ready to retire. This downtown, life-at-home, part-time mission seems the best for me. So far, I am companion-less. This could be an interesting mission.

I came home it the pouring rain feeling good. I learned a couple of things. First, the Ninth Floor of the Joseph Smith Building, the old Hotel Utah, is being turned into a temple for the use of the General Authorities while the Salt Lake Temple is closed for a couple of years to undergo major reconstruction including being set on some kind of structural under-girding supports to withstand an earthquake. Also, the "Cob" means the C.O.B. or Church Office Building--the tall one. I guess I'm an insider now.

There will be a week of training on FamilySearch at the end of the month during which we will be interviewed as part of the process to see where we will be assigned. I told them my only condition is that I will quit rather than do legal work. My official mission call hasn't even come yet, so I guess I have some leeway.

To be continued...(probably)
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