Sunday, April 14, 2019

I Can't Fix America

Very few people read me. Fewer are convinced by me. That doesn't change the facts that America is corrupt at the top with the trump criminal conspiracy, down through the greedy hordes who want more by denying others, and the hypocrisy of the religious right that deals with the devil to promote its agenda.

Politics may have to do with out me for a while as I concentrate on other things. The fires of progressive rebellion still smolder in me. But with apathy, hypocrisy, and corruption all around, I will shrug off the latest tweets and news of the day and go with my new GIF:


  1. I hear you, from over the oceans. It's all just getting to hard, and there's only so many "there's absolutely nothing you can do" punches you can take to the head before permanent damage is done! I'm tired of being angry and even hate-filled. I want to love, and be loved. I hope I may have the strength to "Elmo-Shrug" too!

  2. I quit Facebook and cut back significantly on news media. The only coming changes will be from our own hands, and miniscule in comparison to the reach of digital media. So be it, it will still matter to those who have been fed, housed, and clothed by the hands of the loving.


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