Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Answer Key to the Parade of States

As promised yesterday in my patriotic extravaganza of scenic sites or other remembrances of all fifty states of the US of A, I now give you . . .

The Answer Key!

(Iowa was really hard)


1.  MAINE     Acadia National Park – Lighthouse
2.  COLORADO     USAF Academy Chapel
3.  TEXAS     The Alamo (Remember?)
4.  UTAH     Arches National Park
5.  VIRGINIA     Arlington National Cemetery
6.  WISCONSIN     Green Bay Cheesehead
7.  ILLINOIS     Chicago Skyline
8.  NEBRASKA     Chimney Rock on the Oregon Trail
9.  IOWA     Boone Valleys Railroad Bridge
10.  OREGON     Crater Lake
11.  NEW JERSEY     Palisades and George Washington Bridge
12.  OHIO     State capitol & flag
13.  DELAWARE     State Flag – First State 1787
14.  KENTUCKY     Derby – Churchill Downs
15.  MICHIGAN     Mackinac Bridge
16.  KANSAS     Dorothy & Toto too
17.  VERMONT     Maple Syrup gathering
18.  MARYLAND     Ft. McHenry – Raising the Star Spangled Banner
19.  ALASKA     Glacier Bay National Park
20.  MONTANA     Glacier National Park
21.  CALIFORNIA     Golden Gate Bridge
22.  ARIZONA     Grand Canyon
23.  ALABAMA     Bryant Denny Stadium
24.  PENNSYLVANIA     Independence Hall
25.  INDIANA     Indianapolis 500
26.  LOUISIANA     Jackson Square, New Orleans
27.  NORTH CAROLINA     Kitty Hawk – Wright Brothers
28.  MISSISSIPPI     Bridges at Vicksburg
29.  WEST VIRGINIA     Coal Miner Statue State Capitol
30.  SOUTH DAKOTA     Mt. Rushmore
31.  WASHINGTON     Mt. Rainier
32.  MINNESOTA     Northern Tier Crew
33.  WYOMING     Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park
34.  MASSACHUSETTS     Paul Revere Statue & Old North Church
35.  TENNESSEE     Grand Ole Opry
36.  SOUTH CAROLINA     Palmetto and Moon
37.  GEORGIA    Peaches
38.  NEW HAMPSHIRE     Live Free or Die
39.  CONNECTICUT     Yale Y’s - New Haven
40.  ARKANSAS     Razorback Fan
41.  RHODE ISLAND     Rhode Island Red Rooster
42.  NEW YORK     Manhattan Skyline
43.  OKLAHOMA     Sooner Land Rush (Interior Dept. Mural)
44.  FLORIDA     Keys Highway - Key West
45.  IDAHO     Super Spud
46.  MISSOURI     St. Louis Arch
47.  NEW MEXICO     The Tooth of Time, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Philmont Scout Ranch
48.  NORTH DAKOTA     world’s largest Buffalo
49.  NEVADA     Las Vegas Skyline
50.  HAWAII     Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park

Any winners out there???

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