Friday, August 30, 2019

The World Is On Fire!

It seems that way when you step out your front door and see this:

It is fire season in Utah. This "Gun Range Fire" completely destroyed three homes up by Cheese Park (Twin Hollows) and damaged several others in the night. We were three blocks West of the evacuation zone but two blocks into the "soft" zone where they wanted no one but residents.

The fire started in the middle of the night. No cause has yet been announced. There were weather warnings about dry thunderstorms and winds last night that could have started fires.

Here is a link to local news about the fire.

I've been up to the Gun Range for which the fire is named shooting skeet with the Scouts. I've run up on those trails too, all the way up the mountain before my feet gave out a few years back due to bone spurs (legit) and plantar fasciitis (nothing to do with Nazis--I hate those guys).

Today, I was planning on mowing the back lawn but there was too much smoke it the air. It's all gone now. The local firefighters and the feds did a good job taking care of the fire. I say "feds" because there were helicopters dumping water and one fly-over by this plane, likely a fed operation:

Here are some shots of the helicopters in action:

It closed in on the "V" for Viewmont High School:

Then it seemed to burn itself out in the small canyon beyond the "V." The Skyline Drive goes up through there so they likely had fire breaks.

Now, there is a charred mountainside from South Centerville through North Bountiful.

And we pray for no gully-washer rains before some foliage starts to grow back. . . .

Oh, and no earthquake. We can wait a few more decades for the Wasatch Front to shift.


  1. I'm glad you're safe ... and feel for your neighbors who were not. And I'm very glad to see the kind of "socialist" cooperation that fought this fire.

    1. This is why we all need each other. And we keep going to build "a more perfect Union." The Church provided aid and comfort to the evacuees. I'm sure they will comfort and assist the families as necessary who very likely have government-regulated fire insurance. The Church and the community did not have the resources to put out that fire. And the feds will prosecute if they find those guys. They burned the People's public lands.

      Sorry, just had to get that in.

  2. Just during the last hour or so KSL is reporting that it was caused by a campfire near the "B" that started just before 1am. They are now looking for 2 people who were driving a small SUV. That's not much to go on, but I hope they find them.

    1. Yeah, I hope they can catch them for our guys (feds) to prosecute them!


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