Sunday, November 4, 2018

A Prayer for Election Day

Dear Father of All,

We thank Thee for the blessings of living in a land of liberty where are free to govern ourselves for the good of all.

We pray that we can elect honest and wise people to assist us in our self-governance, that the purpose of the Constitution may be established that man not be in bondage one to another.

We are grateful for the inspired Constitution to protect us in our rights to worship Thee and to join with others in free assembly of all varieties for doing good and for open discussion of ideas and petitions to our government.

We are grateful for the results of a tragic Civil War for a more perfect Union that allowed our forebearers to prohibit slavery and establish that all people of the United States share the same rights of equality and fair treatment regardless of their station and conditions of life.

We are grateful that marriage between a man and a woman is protected by belief and law. We thank Thee that same-sex marriage has not changed our rights and blessings of marriage and family. We pray that the grave sins of infidelity, cruelty, domestic violence, and abuse of children in our families may end. We call upon all people to address such evils and aid the suffering in their recovery from the damage inflicted by others.

We pray that people everywhere will exercise respect and self-respect in their intimate lives. We especially pray that the cruelties that men perpetrate on women may cease. We pray that babies may be wanted and loved. We respect and support rare exceptions to prevent birth that is caused by rape or incest and when the mother's life is at risk or the baby is not able to survive outside the womb.

We pray for the Peoples of the earth and welcome any who come to us seeking refuge and shelter from the violence and turmoil of their homes.

We pray that by seeking and supporting the honest and wise in our government that the secret combinations that infest our land may be ended. We have seen the horror of leaders seeking after vain riches in support of their idolatry, immorality, and cruelty. We pray that their efforts to seek others to support them in their iniquity may come to naught.

We are grateful for the beauties of this bounteous earth and pray that we may better share and respect the abundance

We pray that People of all backgrounds and cultures may unite and respect one another, that the historic cruelties of white supremacy and racism cease from our land and the earth.

We pray to support all the good that is done in this world every day as we respect, serve, and love one another as Thou wouldst have us do. Thy will be done.

In the name of our Lord,


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