Saturday, February 26, 2022

putin Will Lose!

 The world just changed for me.

    Full credit for this photo to Dmytro Muravsky

This photo is clearly staged. It's a propaganda piece but not necessarily by the Ukrainian government. The photographer, Dmytro Muravsky, is a bit controversial under accusations that he does stage photographs. I use it here without any permission or attempt to profit by it. (This is a non-commercial blog). I hope my use will be respected by the photographer because our "propaganda" uses are aligned. 

The autocratic leader of Russia ("putin") cannot produce a credible photo like this even as staged propaganda. This photo reflects as a symbol what is actually happening in Ukraine in its defense of sovereignty and its very existence against overwhelming force from Russia for no apparent purpose other than the aggrandizement of its leader.

Because this likely staged or manipulated photo represents a "truth" it has valid purpose in expressing who the good guys are in the current war in Ukraine. It is not the pariah putin.

It's been a long, long time since the choices between good and evil were so apparent on the world stage. It is time, now, to unite around a cause to defeat putin and somehow encourage Russia to find a better leader or form of government. It is time to support Ukraine with all we can under International Law and established forms of collective security without triggering a mad man in the Kremlin to unleash global destruction with nuclear weapons.

It should be obvious to all. It isn't. But hold true to justice and the defeat of autocrats like putin and his supports, defenders, and followers in this country and around the world. If we can defeat the form of nationalism that stands for racial and cultural superiority in favor of nationalism that stands for free peoples to govern themselves under law and civilized society, maybe there is hope for this world after all.

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  1. As long as you continue to think there are any good forms of nationalism all you're doing is setting the stage for more warmongers to justify the mass murder we call war. All forms of nationalism are bigoted, prejudicial, hateful, dehumanizing, and violent.


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